Yield Drag (Getting Mega Yield That's Not on Celsius, BlockFi, Coinbase or Gemini)
yield farm trick that works on polygon

Yield Drag (Getting Mega Yield That's Not on Celsius, BlockFi, Coinbase or Gemini)

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 20 Aug 2021

Instead of accepting shit yield from places like Celsius and Gemini while risking your entire stack, here's a trick you can use to get the yield they get to pay you your pittance. I call it "yield drag" because it plays off of the way that swaps connect crypto.

The Iron Finance project is being revitalized through an NFT initiative headed on Doki Doki Finance. So far, it's quite successful, with over 100% gains in the week I write this.

But let's say you didn't know about the Titan DAO project. How can you still profit from it? That gets into how other completely unrelated coins are connected to Titan through liquidity pools.

The DFYN exchange is hosting the Titan-DFYN pair and providing liquidity for the Titan project. Think of these two coins, Titan and DFYN, as connected at the hip. If people come onto the platform to buy Titan, the DFYN price is getting dragged upward along with Titan. Why? That's the base pair. Even if you're trading ETH or MATIC for the Titan, it's going through DFYN at some point. All you have to do is look at any swap that shows the token path. On Uniswap, you're usually always going through ETH, USDT or USDC. On Manyswap, you're always going through MANY. And because most of these swaps are just forks of each other, including DFYN, the native token will almost always get used in swaps.

So you can imagine how the DFYN would get dragged up if people come into the swap to buy Titan. But here's the thing: All of the other liquidity pairs in the DFYN exchange are also benefitting. The Cosmic, ADA, Anyswap, and other projects that are connected to DFYN are getting dragged up because of the upward drag in DFYN. The effect is not as pronounced, but it is there.

The net effect of a big rise in Titan, then, is a small rise in, say, Cosmic — two projects that don't have anything to do with each other except their presence on the same DFYN swap and liquidity pools.

This dragging effect isn't noticeable on big exchanges like Uniswap or Pancakeswap. You need to use smaller exchanges like Comethswap and DFYN.

You can also see this dragging effect on Fortube and Dinoswap. Fortube just enjoyed a 150% gain because Dinoswap added a FOR liquidity pool. I've been talking about FOR for a while on this blog, so if you stuck it out, you just got a huge payoff. But the other pools in Dinoswap also had a bit of a bump. Best case scenario, one of those dragged projects picks up some steam because of the drag and gets some new attention. You can make bank on little copypasta projects like Chain Guardians (also on Dinoswap) if you follow the drag. But just like anything in crypto, you need to be quick. First come, first serve, and the law of diminishing returns is always in effect.

And there you have it! Go get it.


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