Get Your Shit Off the Binance Smart Chain
binance smart chain is compromised

Get Your Shit Off the Binance Smart Chain

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 28 Jul 2021

Go not quietly into that good night... or whatever...

So I'm moving my shit off of BSC, and it probably wouldn't hurt you to understand why. Binance is bending over and spreading wide for regulators, CZ is looking for the door, and I'm not going to be the one holding the bag because technicalities start to pop up out of nowhere.

The Smart Chain was laggy as fuck today, which didn't help my panic. I'm assuming the Chain was slower because a lot of people had the same idea as me — get the fuck out now before shit hits the fan and the plebs are all running for the door at the same time.

Binance is known for straight up stealing people's crypto when shit hits the fan. Accounts getting shut down, transactions not going through, whatever. I personally have had good experiences with the Binance help desk, but I'm not retarded like most people thinking my anecdotal experience scales. I really hate that, by the way. I'll be asking a question in a group, and some fucking dingleshit fag will pipe up, "Well IIIIIIII didn't get that problem." No shit, you dumbass bitch. So shut the fuck up because you have no experience with it, and can't help anyone do anything except waste time listening to you. God, I hate idiots who just pipe up for no reason with nothing to fuckin say!


But I don't put it past Binance to screw with the Chain if it has to. I don't even know if that is possible, but I'm not taking any chances. Binance is one of the most centralized blockchains in crypto. It also has some gay ass tracking software overlayed on the entire chain (that was an old news report I exposed a few weeks ago). If Ethereum can roll back transactions, Binance surely can. 

Worst case scenario, Binance will be forced to help identify Smart Chain accounts based on Binance accounts they are connected to. If you're KYC'd on or, you can bet governments have information on the fake anonymous Smart Chain accounts you use. Even if they can't single you out, they can certainly mark your coins and freeze them (they've done this in a couple of the larger BSC rugpull cases) just like they sometimes do on the Binance CEX. Keep in mind they don't need a reason to do this, and the customer service will definitely suffer if the company is looking for a new CEO like the reports say.

Even if I'm dead wrong, there are just too many options without all of the drama. So why stay? Binance is also folding philosophically, so I don't feel any moral obligation to stay and fight for them. I will continue to sound the horn about these fake ass defi chains — Binance, Solana, Polygon, all the rest — as a stepping stone to the decentralization that will change the world. Ethereum is the closest thing we've got, and bitcoin is still the gold standard. Defi on bitcoin should be the final goal as things stand now. Use these other chains to make money so you have time and mobility when crypto's political struggle really heats up. Don't get sucked in by all the bells and whistles on Solana especially. If you think Sam's about to give up all of his new billions and friendships with pro athletes over some stupid shit like decentralization and a fair world, you're fuckin out of your mind. I don't even want to imagine the level of bitches that curly haired jackoff is fucking right now. Yeah, he'll fold when he gets that phone call.

CZ did a good job and held out as long as he could, I think. Can't put the future of the world on one man's shoulders. If CZ wants to retire and hand over the reigns to a more regulatory-friendly CEO, he shouldn't be lambasted for it. I just won't be using Binance. There's plenty of defi projects you can use to trade — too many for me to use, in fact. I'll do a piece on the ones I've found soon. I've already done pieces on P2P sites you can use to trade from crypto to fiat with no KYC. Look it up!

By the way, the BNB token can definitely still pump during all of this because people are stupid. But you can bet BNB won't be pumping in spite of the market — it'll only pump if the entire market is pumping. So there's still no advantage in staying. I'm starting to think of BNB like LTC. You'd be surprised at the number of smart people who thought LTC would pump at the end of the altcoin cycle before the $64k BTC drop just because of TA. Of course it didn't, because LTC is a garbage fuckin coin. BNB is no longer a blue chip to me. There are plenty of new blue chips to take its place, so it's not a big loss. Don't wait on it.


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