My top 3 affordable coins for long holding

My top 3 affordable coins for long holding

By kodi0014 | Cryptohodler's journey | 1 Sep 2020

I am pretty new in the cryptoworld. However before jumping into the buying craze I did my own research on the topic. When I first heard of bitcoin it was around 30-40$ and at the time I thought it is too expensive to put my money on. How wrong was I? lol. Then after some years I heard of Ethereum when it was around 700$ and I bought a little piece of it when it went 800-900$. But let's skip to the point.

My top picks for the future:

1. XRP

XRP is my number one. I think this is one of the best coins on the market with a huge potential. It is still a rocket waiting to launch. When it hit its All Time High, it was the Bubble's period. Now the world is paying much more attention to crypto and people are getting educated more than in 2017, when the price of a cryptoasset was the only thing people cared about. Why XRP? Very low fees, quick transactions, international potential, 3rd-4th place Market Cap, affordable for everybody, backed up by the Ripple Company and the most important thing: able to compete and beat the banking system. Have a look at the top 100 Banks of the WORLD and judge for yourselves:

And it really looks like that with the COVID push, governments are looking seriously at crypto like never before.


If the world adopts blockchain technology, the sector of industry will need VET. And I see the world going to that direction. Not much competition in the sector. Real world application. Products listed on blockchain (like Pasta yep, you heard that right and it was on the News 1 month ago). +160% Change this year and still 1 VET is 0.017$. I think it can reach 1$ easily. 

Oh and yeah: Passively generating Vthor which is the gas token of using VET. 


I would not call it the Ethereum Killer as the word has spread around. The CEO was one of the cofounders of Ethereum, so he knows his business. He keeps posting on youtube and engaging with his community. Future plans, improvements, explanations and everything timed and planned in a right manner. Very straightforward project, even though people look at gains. Had a mini crash lately but if you followed Charles Hoskinson on youtube, he clearly states that the team needs vacation on August because of the hard work of the team even on weekends. So nothing unexpected with the price drop. Their Wallet Software called Daedalus was lastly updated a few days ago and it runs so much faster now. Proof of Stake network now since end of July, meaning you can earn passive Income. Big plans for the future.  +176% yearly gains at the moment considering the price drop as well. 


PS:These are my long term holding coins. Long term is based on potential and not on the daily/weekly price change. This is kinda an introduction and I will save more info for my next posts, where I can go into detail, because frankly every coin listed here needs a post of its own.



Disclaimer: I am not a finance adviser. My post are my own reasoning and research done on crypto. I advise everybody to do the same. I am just expressing my thoughts on the topic. I hope you find it interesting.


Crypto enthusiast and Investor, sharing my thoughts here.

Cryptohodler's journey
Cryptohodler's journey

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