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How to Buy Solana DEX CODI IDO Token on P2PB2B LaunchPad

By Charles Gune | cryptoguru | 7 Dec 2021

I will show you how to buy CODI IDO token on P2PB2B LaunchPad section of the exchange. P2PB2B is a centralized exchange that will require Know-Your-Customer(KYC) before you can deposit funds into it via buying from fiat or transferring in from another exchange. In my case, I transferred BTC I just bought using my Strike app without any fees from fiat USD on my bank account.

What is CODI
CODI is the native token of the CODI ecosystem. The token is based on Solana network's SPL digital asset.
CODI also serves as a governance token for CodiSwap, the ecosystem's decentralized exchange, and creating a community-driven ecosystem. CODI is a concept for an ecosystem that will utilize company expansion in the coming months and is projected to build a few Dapps that will surround it. The first is IDO, followed by the NFT marketplace, DEX, and DAO. It is a concept to inter-connect multiple platforms into a single functioning ecosystem, whereby few clicks away you can show up on the next application, thereby simplifying the user experience.

Decentralized Exchange CodiSwap 
CODI plans on launching CodiSwap, a decentralized exchange on the Solana blockchain to enable faster transactions at a lower cost. Most users find it difficult to trade on token exchanges built on the Ethereum blockchain because they are slow, have limited scalability, and have has high transaction fees. CodiSwap is a fully decentralized exchange platform that allows users to exchange virtual tokens, quickly transfer funds between wallets, trade various cryptocurrencies, stake them, and ensure market liquidity. Most importantly CODI token will be the token all trading pairs will be used as primary token.

CODI NFT Marketplace for Artists and Collectors
CODI intends to launch an NFT marketplace that will allow artists and collectors to trade NFTs quickly and securely. The Ethereum blockchain hosts the largest and most popular NFT marketplaces, which suffer from slow transaction times and high fees. CODI intends to use the Solana blockchain to create a faster and less expensive NFT marketplace. As a result, users would be able to trade NFTs and other digital assets efficiently. The introduction of CODI's NFT marketplace would undoubtedly aid in the growth and scaling of the NFT market. In addition, CODI intends to enhance the overall experience of buying and selling NFTs by
launching an efficient and smooth NFT marketplace with low gas fees and quick transaction speeds.

Staking CODI Token
CODI holders will be able to stake them and earn additional income from the trading fees. Our staking tiers were designed with simplicity in mind, and users can claim their staking rewards for free.

Staking Tier Benefits
Each staker will receive xCODI in exchange for CODI. This will display how much you've staked and can be used to calculate your initial staking amount as well as the yield. In addition, each ticket holder will have the opportunity to win additional tokens or other prizes. The number of tickets you own determines your chances of winning. The section displays ticket allocation by tier. A bonus is guaranteed in the Diamond and Challenger tiers.

BRONZE :1 ticket
SILVER: 12 tickets
GOLD: 100 tickets
DIAMOND: Guaranteed allocation
CHALLENGER: Guaranteed allocation

While the CODI is staked, the xCODI may be used for governance and other incentives. Smart contracts will be used in our ecosystem to achieve widespread agreement and transparency.

After 14 days, tokens can be withdrawn from staking. The annual percentage yield (APY) is calculated based on tiers listed below.

CODI IDO Launch PAD Tiers
CODI IDO launchpad is where new project can be launched to get initial investment. This is where users bet on tokens at close to private investors for up and coming project just like pre-IPO for stocks.

CODI IDO Launch PAD has following Tiers where you have to stake tokens to be eligible to qualify to get new tokens allocated on whitelist days of the IDO release.
BRONZE Staking 2000 ($100) Weight 0.1 APY 4.80%
SILVER Staking 30000 ($1500) Weight 2 APY 6.4%
GOLD Staking 225000 ($11250) Weight 20 APY 8.53%
DIAMOND Staking 300000 ($15000) Weight 30 APY 9.60%
CHALLENGER Staking 500000 ($25000) Weight 60 APY 11.52%

CODI Road Map
In Q1 of 2022 they are planning on:
GUI Launch
Trading Launch
NFT Marketplace
ERC-20 (Ethereum) to SPL Bridge in Solona

In Summary
Give this is multi utility token on Solana mean DEX, NFT marketplace, IDO launch PAD there will be lots of demand for this token. I would bet on easily this will be 500 million marketcap project without any problem. That is why I want to get in at this early stage.

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