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By Arkan0x | CryptoGratuite | 29 Jan 2021

A few days ago, I introduced you to which has the merit of offering many ways to earn "coins" that you can transform and withdraw in 20 different cryptos (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Horizen, Verge, Bittorent, etc.).

Well if you're not the type to fill out captchas or watch short ads, you are still going to be able to participate!

The site has just added a marketplace offering the purchase and sale of objects. Sometimes you receive these objects by completing other tasks on the site (PTC, surveys, shortlinks ...), but you no longer have to wait them to appear since they are in direct purchase from now on (you will still need a small amount of ready-to-use coins in your balance tho).

The idea is therefore to buy items at a low price and resell them a little higher in order to pocket the difference. And it works pretty well.

Please note : before buying anything, be aware that there is a 25% "tax" when you place an item for sale.

Let's take an example: you buy a 10 coins "Time Bracelet". If you put it back on sale at 11 coins, its purchase price for another user will be displayed at 13.75 coins (the 11 coins you sell + tax).

It's up to you to do your calculations so that your purchases + tax remain below the sale price of other sellers. You have to dig a little in the catalog to find some but it exists. Or just put up for sale at a small profit and hope that at some point you'll be the best deal on the site. Stocks are constantly moving, so prices are quite variable throughout the day!

Both techniques work pretty well, I personally make a few hundred coins in profit every day. On small items I try to make a quick profit, on rare items you can earn more but it will take longer (fewer potential buyers given the higher prices).


For example on these Experiences Gems : there is a huge gap between the first 3 and the next 3 (10 to 40x more expensive). If you buy the first 3 at 1250 coins and relist them for 2000 coins, you are still the most attractive seller and well below the price of the 3 most expensive. So you will be the first to sell if anyone is interested.

Now it's up to you to play, but for me it's the first entry of coins in my account and I find it less time consuming than doing all the shortlinks, PTC ads & Co.

To earn your free cryptos: (thank you if you follow my affiliate link or give me a tip here!)

PS, I tested the site with a first small withdrawal and everything went smoothly. Serious site so far.


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