FaucetCrypto : free faucet for 20 cryptos (BTC, ETH, ETC, Dash, Horizen ...)

By Arkan0x | CryptoGratuite | 23 Jan 2021

Since Coinpot announced its closure, we must look for good faucets to replace the famous MoonBitcoin, MoonDogecoin, Bitfun, Bouns Bitcoin & Co. has the advantage of offering many cryptos including all those of the Coinpot network, namely Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin. But the site offers many others including ZCash, Tron, Digybite, Verge, Pivx, Komodo, Ethereum Classic, Bittorrent, etc. In total 20 cryptos.

In principle, it's quite simple, you gain experience for each action on the site. This experience allows you to gain levels, which in turn earn you more interesting earnings.

Possible actions:

  • Claim the Faucet (every 30 min by default)
  • Watch ads (PTC)
  • Make shortlinks
  • Offerwalls (surveys, games, installation of apps, etc.)

Nothing but the very usual faucet level, you will not be disoriented ;) I recommend AsiaMag offerwall level, it is done quickly.

In addition, you will earn experience bonuses depending on the number of actions (5 shortlinks = 10 XP points, 10 = 20 XP points ...). These bonuses are resets daily or weekly.

To all this must be added the inventory. You will sometimes gain small temporary boosts which allow you to gain more (x% of bonus) or to improve the speed of gains (faucet every 25 min instead of 30 for example). Each item is used once and there are different levels of rarity, the rarer the item and the greater the bonuses.

There is of course a "referral" type bonus, you will earn 20% of what your affiliates earn.

For those who want to promote, it is possible to deposit funds or convert your earnings for advertising space on the site.

To earn your free cryptos: (thank you if you follow my affiliate link or make a tip!)

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