Lending, a new well-known way to increase

One of the activities that generates the most income in the world of crypto assets is lending. This term should not really be associated with this world that wants to detach itself from traditional finance, but the truth is that this type of digital assets sets its own pace and confidence in the event of the eventual and complete automation of these forms of monetary interaction.

We can see that within the crypto world, this investment discipline is one of the ones that generates the most income, and in a certain way we could say that the crypto world generates its own process works with root changes that are demonstrated with numbers and facts.

It is not surprising to see that the protocols for loans rank in the top three capitalization positions within decentralized finance (DeFi) managing between $ 1 to $ 1.4 B; Let us remember that the essence of the loan has not changed, but this crypto form suppresses the presence of a financial institution and gives way to a direct operation between the lender and the borrower.


The borrower, whose loan has been placed for investment, will begin to receive his payments plus interest in the set period. The transfer is automatic to the account. There are many options, among them the reinvestment of the money received before any new available loan. All without the presence of a third party, only with the simple presence of smart contracts.

Either directly with cryptocurrencies or with the support of them to obtain FIAT money, now there will be no restrictions that slow down development initiatives, which for many this single factor is enough to look favorably on a tied Peer to Peer (P2P) operation, direct, clean and without the need for third parties, with a clear record of unique performances that are easy to interpret and interact with.

There are many platforms that trade with these lending measures, but you simply have to consider which ones best suit your parameters and risk analysis. Just to mention some such as MINTOS, Viainvest, Lendermarket, LENDIX, Bondora, among many others, offer options for the generation of loans directly, P2P.

A horizon is already being built, as always I invite you to generate your own investigation to determine, if you decide to exploit this world of crypto loans, and build your risk portfolio as a digital investor.

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