DeFis and its Flammable Gas War

We see that the DeFis have become a double-edged sword and we can validate this earlier this month when we were able to observe transactions with commissions that reached the incredible amount of $ 500,000. With a Hash that has grown and a market price that has marked history in this month, it can be indicated that the Etherium network is amassing a good path for the development of cryptos beyond Bitcoin.

But the entire environment must always be evaluated first, and it is precisely this excessive capitalization that Ether has had that has become a stone that could make it stumble if priorities are not defined and controls are carried out in these new interventions within the most used Blockchain currently .

The increase in Gas can be counterproductive for all those tools that are developed within this chain and that symbolize authentic economic progress and unique financial freedom. The cumbersome overvaluation puts in check many of the Dapp's and smart contracts that are developed in this network. Recall that the top 40 positions on the DeFi list are dominated by categories that have been created in Etherium between lendings, assets, derivatives and decentralized exchanges.

We also know that many of these initiatives are the center of criticism and of which they are completely defined as Spam for those who do not see a broad horizon in the decentralization and complete tokenization of traditional systems, mainly financial.

We see how the fork of the decentralized exchanger Uniswap has caused this wave of criticism to rise much higher. The definition of the DeFi bubble has taken on a new concept and definition, causing concepts like Sushiswap to be dangerous hotbeds of phony projects. Although its five-day capitalization reached $ 1.2 billion in blocked funds. In information from, this exchange is already "very popular in China, where it is known as Uniswap's biggest rival. It is this kind of rivalry between different Defi protocols that is causing a gas war."

The truth is that this war has raised two major problems, the increase for many such as the DeFi's Scam bubble and the increase in commissions for transactions within this network.

Let's hope that Etherium and its new version brings us a surprise, we know how to deal with and overlap these problems, meanwhile, we will continue to wait for the Gas numbers to level off.

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