DeFi Monopoly, the game is just beginning

The objective of the monopoly is simple, win the most money and goods while making your opponents go bankrupt. This is achieved by acquiring property, building houses and buildings, and collecting rent for your properties.

Controlling the offer is that attention is drawn and the Decentralized Finance are achieving it. Little more is developing this cryptographic branch that has managed to mass a Total Valeu Locked (TVL) of almost $ 8.25B. I make this simple comparison because everyone is beginning to get more involved in this space, that like gambling, the possibility of raising the most money will be the one that attracts the most attention and speculation in the majority of investors.   The world of DeFis is definitely here to stay and begin to occupy all the spaces on the game board.

For those who are not maximalists, they know that DeFi comes to become a link for adoption and bet on the decentralization that is sought in the world of finance.  

Although these data are already public, confidence in this type of product grows more, its strategy is to have all the properties of the board, much in spite of its detractors and the bubbles that claim to be present accusing them of Spam.  

However, the sad thing about this game is that you only see investments that follow a price; this could be a possible implosion in the DeFi that is already beginning to be noticed. The collapse of network fees may affect many applications, largely smart contracts, lending, and exchangers.

Even so, there are very good projects that are already being projected towards that change that is achieved with the new normal. For now there is a link that moves with the market and this whole alternative world moves with Bitcoin.

Pending the game board, that Spam is the order of the day. Dedicate yourself to researching projects that have good fundamentals, that you have enough information to be able to take advantage of and mark a diversification of income. The DeFi undoubtedly know how to play monopoly well and their objective is very clear.



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I am a Venezuelan, worker, father of a family who fell in love with this crypto world; I love reading news related to the crypto space, from the technological performance to the shape and concept of each currency in this world.

Cryptographic Alchemy
Cryptographic Alchemy

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