The Week In Memes: 10th April - 16th April

The Week In Memes: 10th April - 16th April

Good day everyone,

I hope you are all well and are had an excellent week, welcome to CryptoGod-1’s blog on all things crypto. I am continuing my series based off some of the most interesting news stories of the last week, some of which I have written posts about on here. Within I will be making use of some Meme's as posted in the Reddit Group Crypto Currency Memes to really get the message across of what's been going on. Enjoy :)


$30k Bitcoin is Back on the Menu

It has been a long struggle for many people since the highs of 2021, watching Bitcoin tumble in value all the way down to $16k at one point, but once again we are seeing Bitcoin on the rise. Perspective is everything in life, and it is amazing to watch how people last year thought $30k Bitcoin was awful, but now we are back at $30k the good times are rolling in.


As for those who decided it was in their best interest to sell Bitcoin at the lower prices as they just couldn't handle the uncertainty in the market, well, one day you will grow up to understand it is he who holds who wins. 


For those of us who have actually managed to be correct in predicting that Bitcoin will go up, there is no better feeling than having bragged to your friends they should invest, and actually being correct for once.




Ethereum sees the Shanghai (Shapella) Upgrade Go Live

Ethereum stakers will finally be able to withdraw their crypto now the latest update is complete. Many have been staking for years and unable to access their ETH, but as soon as they can we can be assured there will be plenty of people with funds to throw about. The staking period saw users get higher percentages, around 4% at the beginning, before the amount reduced as more ETH was locked up. For those who were patient over the years, the good times are rolling in. 




ALT Season Time

Lets not forget the rest of the market outside of the top two. While Bitcoin and ETH have pumped, many other coins have too and the sentiment that Alt season is around the corner means there will be plenty of profits to be made.


With so many coins and tokens in the market, there is bound to be plenty of fighting in the next bull run. Whether or not we are quite at that level yet remains to be seen, but one thing that is certain is that the shit coins will be out in force but the alt coins will out do them, but no matter how good alt season goes Bitcoin is king. Until the SEC gets involved of course.


Many are going to hype up this pump in the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even some alts as 'proof' the bull market is back. Whether it is a bull market, a bull trap, or just a slow and gradual rise to higher levels remains to be seen.




Gen 3 Reddit Avatars Released

The realised of the third generation of Reddit Avatars, the platforms own version of NFTs for those who are unaware, took place recently. The hype on Reddit was as expected, with many users determined to get their hands on their favourite new avatar.


However, as with most things these days, it was a first come first serve basis, and the bots were out in force to snap up all the best avatars they could.


The pace at which the avatars sell out has led to many in the communities crying out for things like Captcha's to be applied to the checkout in an attemt to stop the bots. The pace at which the avatars sold out really was in the blink of an eye.




MicroStrategy is Finally in Profit

It has been a long time in the making and plenty of investment, but with Bitcoin going above $30k MicroStrategy were finally in profit given all the Bitcoin they have acquired. Of course it is only the beginning, and until real higher levels are reached it wont mean much, but the vindication is there for Saylor for all the investment made even when criticism was being throw his way.


While looking on with envy at his work, remember that even Saylor was not originally sold on the idea of Bitcoin. His tweets from 2103, when Bitcoin was priced in the hundreds of dollars, show how much better things could be had he got on board back then. It is never too late for any of us, so be like Saylor now and not from back in 2013.




Solana To Launch its Mobile Phones on 8th of May 2023

Everybody loves a blockchain that struggles to stay online, so who wouldn't want a mobile phone based off the same network? For those who have been eagerly waiting, the wait is over. Solana will launch their mobile phone next month, although not everybody will be bullish on this. In fact, it seems there will be some who believe avoiding the Solana Phone is the best strategy available.






Have a great day and enjoy your week ahead.

Peace. CryptoGod-1.


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