The Week In Meme's: 20th March - 26th March

The Week In Meme's: 20th March - 26th March

Good day everyone,

I hope you are all well and are had an excellent week, welcome to CryptoGod-1’s blog on all things crypto. I am doing a new post based off some of the most interesting news stories of the last week, some of which I have written posts about on here. Within I will be making use of some Meme's as posted in the Reddit Group Crypto Currency Memes to really get the message across of what's been going on. Enjoy :)


Banks, Banks, and More Banks in Trouble

We some many banks going under or need a bailout of sorts in the previous weeks, we had the enjoyment of Credit Suisse being bought out by UBS for a fraction of what it claimed cryptocurrency is really worth, all the while crypto and Bitcoin are thriving.



Which bank is next? Well, if Jim Cramer is anything to go by....



At least they can keep printing that money to keep them going, but there is nothing quite let a set supply of, oh lets say, 21 million.




We Finally Got Him

The man, the myth, the legend himself (for all the wrong reasons), Do Kwon was finally apprehended in Montenegro during the week and will face trial for his involvement in the Terra Luna crash which cost investors millions in crypto currency investments. His stable coins Terra USD turned out to be not-so-stable in the end and he is finally getting what many feels he deserves for his actions.


Maybe he should have tried using a different name.




SEC Taking on Coinbase

With Gary Gensler and the SEC have decided they are taking a hard stance against crypto, and Coinbase in particular. They have issued a 'Wells Notice' regarding an unspecified portion of their listed digital assets, but Coinbase are not exactly feeling too worried about it all. In fact, it seems they are pretty bullish on things.



As for the SEC, they might just be getting desperate at this stage to deflect all the blame of the banking crisis away from themselves and the operations of the government, so who better to blame than, well, whoever they can point a finger at. "We gotta get them somehow"




Be Careful with that Sculpture Greenpeace

Greenpeace decided they would go full on against Bitcoin with its consensus mechanism by creating a “Skull of Satoshi” artwork. They teamed with art activist Benjamin Von Wong for their ongoing “change the code, not the climate” campaign. Instead of bringing attention to what they believe is a bad impact on the environment, the Bitcoin community decided it was a pretty cool and badass sculpture, so why not make it their own mascot.




Bitcoin Bros Finally Feeling Vindicated

All those years of trying to convince the naysayers that your money is not safe in banks, its only safe in digital assets. Well, not all of us are on the same level of investments, but Tyler is feeling pretty damn good about himself right now.



Meanwhile those who have been in this game for a long time, from seeing previous banking collapses and inflation hikes to bull and bear markets, always keep your eye on the prize...



...and I really mean ALWAYS...



...even if your day job is trying to get in the way lol. Bitcoin is boss now.






That's the main Meme's from the action over the past week. Ill be back again next weekend with more. Have a great day and week ahead.

Peace. CryptoGod-1.


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