10 features Publish0x have to implement!

10 features Publish0x have to implement!

By savanluffy | cryptogeneral | 8 Mar 2020

Although the Publish0x team has implemented some great features over the past months, from my point of view the website still lacks some main implementations which could take Publish0x a step towards becoming one of the main leaders in the decentralized social platform space. In this post we will take a look on some features I'm hoping Publish0x will implement in the (near) future. Before we dive into this article, we should remember that Publish0x is still in Beta and implementing a bulk of features is of course not something that can be done in the short term. Thus, this article can be seen as an improvement proposal for the development team of Publish0x.


10. Saving Articles to read later

Let's begin with a feature which is implemented in most social media platform nowadays: saving articles. The issue with reading articles is that often when interesting articles pop up on the main section at once, it's not possible read them simultaneously. Therefore, an option to save posts instead of having to open each article individually in a new browser tab would increase time efficiency and provide a better graphic surface.

9. Better tipping system

At the time of writing, an user can make six tips per day to prevent bot tipping. Although this system is working fine, it still can improve it's functionality. Three things that the current tipping mechanism lacks:

  • undoing/replacing tips: Since the number of tips is limited to six, readers prefer tipping high quality instead of low quality posts. But what happens if readers miss out on tipping much better posts as they already run out of their tips? Therefore, it would be a killer feature if you either could replace your used tip to tip another post or to automatically tip the article once your daily tips get renewed.
  • see remaining tips: It's bewildered that that this feature is not implemented by default in the beta phase. It would be helpful to see the remaining tips an user has left.
  • use unused tips in the next day: Unfortunately, if an user didn't make use of the daily tips, the user is not entitled to use his unused tips in the next day. Being able to utilize tips from the day before including the new daily tips is also something Publish0x users are looking forward to.

8. Own Android/iOS App

Even though Publish0x does a great job using the website on the phone browser, to reach a widely audience sooner or later an app is necessary. For instance,YouTube and Facebook both offer an browseable version but the mass still use their official app for conform reasons. Although comparing a 50k audience to a billion user audience seems far fetched, the main takeaway is that users always prefer apps over browser websites.

7. Allowing two or more accounts 

According to the Publish0x platform rules only one account per person, and per internet connection is allowed. This prevents users from tipping their main account by creating multiple fake accounts. The only issue that arises when two (or more) DIFFERENT persons who share the same internet connection e.g in the same household try creating their own account. This will cause an account restrictions if both (or more) users try creating their own account. To solve this situation, I came up with solution which works some-what like a KYC-procedure. If you are a programmer or are interested how such an procedure can be implemented, I've created a simplified use case diagram which is displayed below. If you are not interested, just skip this part and continue with the next point.


The diagram above allows different persons with the same internet connection creating an account and at the same time it will ensure that fake accounts get detected and banned. Basically, the procedure works as follows:

  • "user 1" creates an account.
  • -> As he doesn't share his internet connection with no other user, no KYC-procedure is needed.
  • "user 2" tries creating an account.
  • -> The Publish0x system detects that the internet connection address match up with the internet address of "user 1" and sends a KYC-form to both users.
  • Till both users don't authorize themselves using the KYC-form both accounts remain restricted.
  • -> If both users authorize themselves, their accounts ban get's lifted.
  • All other persons who try setting up an account and the first two users have already the KYC-procure behind them, only the new accounts get banned till their identity has been proven.

6. Enable optional ads

Publish0x is a great role model when it comes to ads as they aim to avoid putting ads on their website to improve user experience. But, just like all other businesses, everyone relies on a source of income. Thus, to help Publish0x to improve their balance sheet, a great feature would be to allow users to choose whether they are willing to see ads popping up on their screen or not. In return, those users can earn a percentage of the revenue Publish0x receives from the ads.

5. Limited amount of posts per week

This feature is kinda controversy. Basically, the idea is that authors who provide no real value on the website should have a limited amount of posts they are allowed to post each week. This should give authors the incentive to improve their content and as a reader you get to enjoy high quality posts. A hurdle to overcome is to distinguish between quality and low-profile posts as quality is a matter of opinion. Some criteria points to rate posts can include:

  • like/dislike ratio
  • number of views/number of tips ratio: e.g a post with 1k views and 100 tips indicates being a good post compared to an article with 10k views and 10 tips. Obviously, those viewers that run out of tips must be excluded in the calculation
  • low content with no real information (low content/ low reading time)

4. Choosing the tip reward token

If you already tipped at least once, you might already have noticed that the token you receive for tipping is randomly chosen. The way I see it, this has to do with the fact that the amount of the different tokens Publish0x #hodl for the payouts differentiate and therefore the tokens must be equally distributed. What would attract more users is to select the tokens to a certain extend. This feature might seem superfluous as it's possible to exchange the payout token to a token of choice using an exchange, but what should be taken into consideration are the transaction fees and tax-able events that will take place during a token swap.

3. Getting rewarded for correcting posts

Since the cryptocommunity is worldwide, it's self-evident that not every reader and author is a native english speaker (including my person). Therefore, readers should not expect that writers have an expanded vocabulary and sophisticated sentence construction, even when they go through their written text few times. Implementing an option where each user can help correcting posts from writers can help improving the english skills and making articles easier to read. In order to persuade users contributing to this system, an incentive would be earning few tokens for correcting posts. Vise versa each corrector should be punished for incorrectly correcting posts. 

2. Sacrifice article earnings to reach more followers 

The most important thing as an author is to have an audience. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest challenges when starting a blog career. If you plan writing articles on Publish0x just for the sake of money, the following phrase will disappoint you: No followers, no money. Before aiming for the big money, the main focus should be writing quality posts to build a fan base, even if you have to do it for free. Hence, an own Publish0x section for upcoming Publish0x writers to help them with reaching first few followers would be an advantage. If writers want their article to be mentioned in the section, they will have to forego potential earnings. In that way, authors give upcoming followers the impression that they care about feedback and fans before making money. As a reader, you have the chance to learn new authors who might be the next rising star in the near future.

1. Reward System

Authenticity plays in each business a major role. With no authenticity the business model is doomed. What's the best way to remain your authenticity? To reward those who help you keep up good reputation. Thus, the most important feature Publish0x is missing right know is a reward system for those who help to keep up their good public reputation. The proposed reward system can be seen as a list of task Publish0x users can do to get rewarded for accomplishing. 

Few tasks the reward system can include:

  • reporting bots, copyrighted content and hate comments
  • visiting the platform each day
  • writing comments
  • publishing (high quality, no clickbait) articles
  • being a honest reader (tipping an authors post 100% if the post truly deserved it)
  • being a honest reader (reading the entire content before tipping and giving articles feedback)

Why does the reward system matters the most?

Would a new user choose an platform full of hate speech, bots and scams or a platform that cares about keeping their audience safe? The answer should be hopefully self explanatory. 



Even tough Publish0x deserves credit for their transparency and development over the past years, in order to truly reach mass adoption they still lack inducements for new users joining the future main blogging platform. But there is no doubt that they have great potential to live up their expectations and we should be confident about the incoming months and years of development ahead of us! I would greatly appreciate feedback! Did you agree with the points I've covered above? Do you think other features are more crucial? Let me know in the comments below!

Having that said,

Thanks for reading! 

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