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What you need to know about $KODX #DEFI

By CryptoGem | CryptoGem Blog | 29 Jan 2021


$KODX = King of Defi

King of Defi is a relatively new defi project running on Tron blockchain, $KODX is its governance token.

King od Defi plans to be the next leading staking, lending and borrowing platform, with a decentralized governance system.


From Dec-2020 started the mining pool who allows first investors to mine freshly produced tokens.

At the moment, there is a spray reward of 250% APR on staked tokens. There aren't any fees, you can deposit and withdraw anytime without tokens losses. Reward rate will be halved in the near future to reduce tokens inflation and allow price growth.

In about weeks there will be new staking pools for different coins, like BTC and ETH.

X-Lending and X-Borrowing

The functions integration is planned for the next month and will allow people to lend and borrow TRX, USDT, ETH, BTC and many other tokens.


King of Defi seems to have a strong and resilient community who constantly follows its news and are waiting for its development.

Its telegram group counts near 25000 subscribed users while its twitter official account 3000 followers.

It's probably intended to grow thanks to the new listing on Coinsbit exchange and will be known by its 2 million users.


Up to today there have been only two exchanges where you could buy KODX: and

Starting from today, 29/01 19:00 UTC, will add KODX/USDT and KODX/BTC trading pairs.


Past few days saw an ever growing price due to the new exchange listing. Now it is swapped around 3000 TRX = 90$.

It's all at the moment!

Stay tuned for new developments and projects.

Thanks for reading.

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