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By egamersio | CryptoGames | 2 Jul 2019

We bring you the third article of the GG specials and today we have on the spotlight one of the best puzzle and exploration game in the Enjin Multiverse, Age of Rust.

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Age of Rust: Game information

Age of Rust is easily one of the top 10 cryptogames to look out for in 2019. With its stunning graphics and beautiful puzzles you get to solve in-game, this is a must-have game for any RPG puzzle lovers.

Age of Rust takes place in the year 4424 where technology has turned against humans and the world we lived in has perished. Players begin their journey on a colony ship to explore new planets in order to create a new life for themselves.

Age of Rust has been in development for about 2 years and is set to have a full release in Q4 this year. Their first chapter offers over 40hours of gameplay and there is a whole lot more to be revealed. Players will be able to play solo or team up with others to uncover the mysteries in Age of Rust.

Puzzle in game

Age of Rust will utilise 3 different kinds of puzzles in-game. The simplest one will be puzzles related to your progress in your adventure. Those are as easy as activating a lever to open a door.

The next type of puzzle ups the challenge a notch and it requires players to have specific crypto items in their crypto wallet as well as some thinking and skill in order to crack the case.

Lastly, the main goal which every player will be keenly and earnestly try to solve will be the ultimate crypto treasure hunt which generously rewards the deserving winner 20 Bitcoins as a prize. There are some clues being dropped in their official discord channel so keep a look out! 
It is indeed challenging but definitely doable and the graphics and thought process that comes with it really builds the excitement for the player. The hunt for goodies in-game will be worth the time as well as the sense of accomplishment that comes with it.

A hidden area to be found in Age of Rust

Game items/multiverse

Age of Rust items has been successfully converted ERC1155 which means players will be able to take items earned in-game and trade them freely outside of the game. As mentioned above, holding certain items will allow players to access special missions.

Age of Rust has also enabled Multiverse support which means items from other games will be also usable in Age of Rust. As of now the golden dragon from Krptomat will be usable in Age of Rust and many more to be revealed in time to come.

Age of Rust attended GDC San Francisco earlier this year and got to showcase one of the multiverse items, Stormwall. Check out how items like Stormwall are being used in-game!

There is a closed pre-alpha demo available now but will only be open to those with Origin and Lastlight tokens. This is just one of the opportunities for players who hold those limited items to participate in exclusive events.

Rental system and Rustbits

Rustbits will be the in-game currency for Age of Rust and will be used to unlock special content in-game. While you will be able to progress without rustbits, you will find yourself unable to participate in exciting and fun areas and events available for token holders only. In-game items are also estimated to be sold around 1k-10k rustbits depending on the rarity of the item.

Age of Rust is also the first game to have a blockchain player to player rental market where players can safely rent their items to other players for a specific period of time. This brings a whole new element for players to be able to earn money besides hunting for treasures in-game.


Puzzling doesn’t get any better when there are rewards involved and massive rewards as well. Age of Rust takes exploring an open world RPG to a whole new level and players should definitely take their time to look in every corner for clues and hidden areas. Moreover, the item rental system will prove to be a game changer as it gives players more options on what they can do with their items. This will also send a positive message for the other games out there to adopt this kind of system in their own game as well. 
Age of Rust hasn’t had a presale and will be available through The Abyss. Be sure to keep a lookout in their social media platforms as well for available puzzle games with rewards to be claimed. Their text adventure has a 4BTC prize and pre-alpha might have prizes up for grabs as well.

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