Pancakebunny's Shitty Fees

By Jelly Fish | cryptofun | 23 Apr 2021

Several days ago I decided to try BSC DeFi and went to Pancakebunny -- "No.1 Yield Optimizer", as the guys call themselves.

I've chosen Pancakebunny because it looks too big and established to pull the rug, it offers a "single token stake" with rather good yields, and has no upfront commissions on deposits (which seem to become commonplace in today's BSC DeFi). The only little downside seemed to be 3 days of withdrawal lock-up (or rather a 0.5% fine for early withdrawals). Everything looked pretty good overall -- except for one pretty shitty detail which I learned too late about.

I staked 100 USDT and 0.5 BNB and paid about $1.5 of fees for each stake. Then I waited for three days until my withdrawal lock-up was over. Then I tried to do "Claim & Withdraw" -- and guess what?

Yup, the fees were not like $1.5 for each stake anymore. Pancakebunny's "Claim & Withdraw" fees were like $15.0 for each stake, i.e. ten times higher.

I checked the deposit fees again. Yeah, today I still can deposit USDT to Pancakebunny for ~0.002 BNB but to withdraw, claim or claim+withdraw USDT for ~0.02 BNB.


I don't know, maybe right now something is going on in the BSC blockchain itself that affects Pancakebunny's fees this way.

Or maybe the No.1 Optimizer guys just silently optimized their own earnings and the project's TVL with some unadvertised fees?

For the moment I keep my stakes intact, maybe the fees will change in the future.

However, I'm not a fan of today's DeFi for quite some time already. Those that are not scams are mostly Ponzis built to make a few rich using the money of many. And Pancakebunny's exit punishment fees just make me think of today's DeFi even lower. Though I know my opinion is hardly popular nowadays, so I'll talk about all that jazz later.



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