A Sh*t Called Splinterlands, part 2

By Jelly Fish | cryptofun | 10 Aug 2020

In my previous post I stated that Peakmonsters' "collection total value" (and Splinterlands "estimated value") shouldn't be taken for their face values. Now I'd like to explain it a bit more in depth, with some nice images.

Recently I managed to get a gold-foil legendary Dark Ha'on, so let's take it as an example:


At the time of writing Splinterlands "Market" page shows its "Est(imated) Value" of $37,99:



If we look at Splinterlands "For Sale" page or Peakmonsters "Market" page, we will see that $37,99 is not the price some guy is ready to buy a Ha'on. $37,99 is the lowest price at which some guy wants to sell his own Ha'on. And this is rather loosely related to the card's "value", even an "estimated" one. Of course, I too can list my card for, say, $36.99 (or even $999.99) but it doesn't mean I can sell it for that price.


Splinterlands market is not like an order book you probably saw at exchanges. Splinterlands market is "sellers" market, which have only asks (selling prices), but not bids (buying prices). Peakmonsters "Market" is a little more honest: at the top right you can see $35 -- as far as I can understand, it's the last deal price. At the end of the day, a real deal is a real deal, and not something taken out of the blue... Also Peakmonsters seem to have a bid system, i.e. buyers can offer their price too. But for some reason this bid system doesn't work for my account.

"So what you think is your Ha'on's real value?", you might ask.

At Splinterlands "Market" page you can see a "DEC" column: a "burn" value. I can instantly burn (exchange) my Ha'on into 50K DEC, then sell those DECs for Hive at Hive-Engine's bid price, and then sell Hive for USDT or whatever. So at the moment my Ha'on's real value is (roughly, because I use Peakmonsters DEC price, and don't count various commissions) 50K DEC x $0.0005737/DEC = ~$28.69, or ~25% less than Splinterlands page says. However, not bad anyway, I'm pretty much close to getting my $28,95 inwastement back!


That's all for now, folks. To be continued, I hope.


Here's "disclaimer".

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