Setting up Tronlink wallet and adding liquidity on Just Swap TRON defi and CyberFM for Noobs

By Frogger | Cryptofrog | 11 Mar 2021

If you are a fan of CyberFM app you may know by now that you can now send CYFM rewards on the Tron network. This does require some setup before you will be eligible to earn.  Going into this, I knew nothing at all about the Tron network, or wallet. Hopefully I will help some people avoid making the same mistakes I did.

Not much explanation on the steps at the CyberFM site, so Here's is what you do.

Firstly, get tronlink wallet

tronlink on chrome

  • Setting up the Tronlink wallet and sending Tron tokens to it was easy enough. Be sure to write down your 12 words so you can recover your wallet. I did mine on Chrome, because my android was running out of room. The wallet is available on IOS, Android, and Chrome. You can get it at
  • If you used Uniswap, 1inch exchange, or similar This next step should be easy. The next step being swap TRX for CyberFM tokens. click here to pull up Justswap trx/cyfm pair Lets not go too fast here. Before you even do this step, and the one thing I had no clue about is TRX energy, and bandwidth.  You'll want to click on Energy in your tron wallet. You will then pull up a page. You need to click Obtain, and "Freeze" some TRX (or rent).9ab55511321c2d7153adcaebe0bcf867794664aa4d16c8be9415dd3223cb9c05.png

Click on obtain, and another box pops up. Here you will click the arrow button to select tron power and energy

Next, enter the amount of TRX to freeze (I would suggest at least 400-500) then hit confirm, and then Freeze. As an alternative you can opt to rent Energy also, but you'd need a minimum of 1,000 TRX in order to pick that option.


now you can go back to that link to open up the justswap window. CyberFM site says to swap for at least 5 Cyberfm tokens. Make sure you're on the swap tab.  If you don't have enough TRX to cover the fee your swap will not go through, and you will find that some of your TRX will be consumed for nothing. Click swap after entering in how much CyberFm tokens you need.



  • Adding Liquidity is the part I had the most trouble with. Not knowing anything about Tron Energy was my issue. Click the link to add Liquidity. Then enter the max amt of CyberFM tokens you have and click the button. If you have enough Energy, then all should go well, and you'll see your screen looks like this.585633e045893c02d867180b256d6bf3053c728d0dcd85fdfab23320be69f722.png

Now you can use the contract address to see your LP tokens in your wallet TPwoQAUmTNEXfmCEG54JLSsLvXtqA1UWLH

That about wraps this up. I hope this helped with the hardest parts of getting you setup to run the new CyberFM app. Please excuse any errors in formatting of this post, as this is my first post here. Enjoy!

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