Poloniex takes over the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on TRON blockchain

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 30 Nov 2019

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The news was confirmed today by Justin Sun (the Tron CEO), so from this moment Poloniex controls the DEX built on the TRON network; the new platform will be called Poloni DEX and puts an end to the rumors that Justin Sun was about to take over Poloniex as part of the Asian consortium that will detect the platform from the circle. The rumors had begun to circulate when, right in the middle of negotiations for the sale of the exchange by circle, Justin Sun had been spotted in the London offices of the exchange, as reported by various newspapers a few months ago; now we know what was at stake and besides, the same CEO of Tron had repeatedly declared that he was not interested in taking over the exchange, even though he had invested money in it (but we don't know how much). Sun has confirmed that Poloniex has taken over the DEX Tron, but has not made public the figures on the deal, we will probably know more in the coming days, but the amount of the transaction is not so relevant.

The reason for the transaction, on the other hand, according to the same Sun is to guarantee the growth of TRXMarket in a long-term perspective, probably because this will make it possible to exploit the Poloniex user basin and its historical presence in the segment of exchange platforms . Many, however, are wondering how it is possible for a decentralized exchange platform to be sold to third parties or in any case to be controlled directly by a company, thus alluding to the fact that the tron ​​DEX is actually decentralized only in words and not in words. facts; the reason, in my opinion, is simple, TRXmarket works as a non-depository exchange and does not require users to store funds in a portfolio owned by third parties, so in this sense it is decentralized, but this does not mean that a third party can check the platform. For now the market does not seem to have welcomed the news, indeed, the price of TRX seems to continue to move sideways and the feeling is that there may soon be a new dump

Roberto D.
Roberto D.

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