An easy way to get BTC and DOGE

An easy way to get BTC and DOGE

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 26 Jul 2020

Today I want to talk to you about a faucet called Cointiply, everyone has been recommending it for a long time in the comments to my articles. Given the many positive feedbacks received in these days I decided to give it a try and a few weeks later I'm here to bring you a "review" of the site.

As always, every time you read the name of a platform in the article 
you can click on it and you will be redirected directly to the site.

But let's not waste any more time and proceed immediately.

How to register

  • Enter the official website to register.
  • Click on Register or Start Earning Now in the middle of the page.
  • Enter: name, valid e-mail, password and password confirmation.
  • Solve the Solve Media Antibot.
  • Click on Create your account and you are ready!


How Cointiply works

The faucet releases a certain amount of internal currency called "Coin". Coins accumulate in many ways that I describe shortly. The sum of the collected Coins corresponds to a certain variable number of satoshi bitcoins.

Generally 100 Coins are 0.01 $ which at the time of withdrawal will be converted into the corresponding one in BTC or DOGE.

As you will read in the part dedicated to the withdrawal methods, the Coins can be transformed into BTC or Dogecoin.

Upon entering your private area, the first tool you will see is the Cointiply Faucet. Click on the Roll & Win button to win 14 to 160 coins plus the Cointiply bonus every hour.

Note that each Roll has an associated multiplier called Cointiplier, it initially starts from 1.5x but increases over time if you are always active and if you carry out other activities that we will see on the platform.
It goes without saying that: the greater the Cointiplier, the greater the gain.


Other ways to make money on Cointiply

How else do you make money on Cointiply
The faucet is the basis, to which are added a whole series of additional earning opportunities that will be good for your wallet and Cointiplier multiplier.

All earning opportunities available on

  • Complete the activities to increase the multiplier and earn reward points.
  • Complete the offers to earn additional daily bitcoins.
  • Complete the surveys to get thousands of Coins (which always equate to BTC or DOGE).
  • Watch the proposed videos and earn additional coins.



Playing Cointiplay

After having "rolled" as described above, a counter appears indicating how much is left for the next roll, at the bottom you can see the presence of a button with the word "Multiply your coins". Clicking opens a new screen: "Cointiplay", a game of luck to multiply your earnings.

You choose a value from: 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 Coins. And then on "Start Round".

You will see the screen shown in the image below, then click on the white circles: if you are lucky, the coins are multiplied and you can continue doubling until you decide to stop.

But be careful because in the white circles there are hidden "lose everything", so it's up to you to decide if and when to stop.



How to withdraw from Cointiply

To withdraw from Cointiply there are three possibilities.

  • Enter the address of your personal Bitcoin wallet to receive BTC.
  • Enter the address of your personal DogeCoin wallet to receive DOGE
  • Move the bitcoins to your personal account on FaucetHub.

Before withdrawing, I recommend you read how to earn 5% interest on earnings. Read the next paragraph.


Earn 5% interest

It is not new for a faucet to release interest if the user leaves the accrued earnings on the platform.

The same incentive is provided by the FreeBitcoin faucet with guaranteed annual interest of 4.08%.

In the case of Cointiply, the annual interest is 5% compared to's 4.08%

To get interest, just go to the "personal settings" area under "Settings".

In "Account settings" you have to enable the interests as shown in the photo below and then click on "Save settings" to confirm the changes.


The only criterion to be met in order to be eligible for interest earnings and to have at least 35,000 Coins. It is not difficult, just participate in the offers available in the Offer Wall and in a few minutes you will exceed the 35 thousand Coins required to accrue interest.


Is a paying faucet?

This is the question of the questions: pays? As you know, the faucets are non-business "realities", born thanks to the goodwill of one or more IT developers who try to earn some money.

The best bitcoin faucets are able, over time, to develop a winning strategy and even to improve themselves, others close or do not pay.

In the case of Cointiply, I personally have known him recently (about a month in which I took both BTC and DOGE, and he paid) but the information I collected is all positive.


Is Cointiply Safe?

The servers on which the website rests are from Amazon Web Services, so the site makes use of the AWS cloud hosting service.

It also has a dedicated IP address that is not shared with other websites. The IP is located in San Francisco, California (USA) and belongs to DigitalOcean LLC, a company that provides developers with a scalable cloud platform that makes use of AWS servers.

It is very rare to find a faucet that makes use of a cloud infrastructure of this quality level.

The domain was purchased until September 6, 2020 and has been active since September 6, 2017.

To add that the connection to the site is protected by HTTPS certificate: this too is definitely a plus.



Cointiply opinions

What is my opinion of Cointiply? A paying faucet, which guarantees good income. It also has a support area for customer support on freshdesk and is not to be underestimated.

An absolute novelty for a website that should only allow people to earn a bit of satoshi bitcoin.

Basic Freshdesk is a free service, but the fact of having developed such a well organized support area has a very important impact on the opinion that users make of


Basically I was hesitant on Cointiply, with user feedback on the net and here on Publish0x I decided to try it and I did really well.

I recommend to everyone Cointiply is certainly a faucet not to be underestimated.


And what do you think of it? Do you use or will you use Cointiply? Let me know yours in the comments

Thanks if you read this far, and see you next time!




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