ADA Cardano presses the accelerator and anticipates the Ouroboros hard fork in mid-February

ADA Cardano presses the accelerator and anticipates the Ouroboros hard fork in mid-February

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 22 Jan 2020

The news was disseminated directly by Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of the project and currently CEO of IOHK (one of the three entities of the triumvirate that guides the platform), during a live streaming on 17 January; the CEO said he was convinced that the update of the consent protocol, which will see the transition to a BFT and which will be called Ouroboros, will be brought forward in mid-February.

This update was highly anticipated by the Cardano community because it should significantly improve some features of the platform, including scalability; in any case Hoskinson stated that:

It seems that in February, most likely, we will have the hard fork that will implement OBFT.

We are still talking about it with our exchange partners and we want to make sure that all the infrastructure is aligned, currently there seem to be no problems whatsoever so I predict that the OBFT hard fork will be implemented around mid-February 


However, this is not the only update expected by the community, in fact ADA has recently started to accelerate strongly in terms of updates; another novelty that we have been waiting for for a long time, for example, is the integration of the Ledger hardware portfolio with the Daedalus portfolio software which, as Cointelegraph reports in an article today, should be almost ready to be distributed.

In addition, Cointelegraph also reports on an interesting partnership between Cardano and the Uzbek government which concerns, this time, the regulatory aspects; Emurgo, the commercial arm of ADA Cardano who together with IOHK and the non-profit foundation is one of the three subjects who lead the project, has in fact started a collaboration with Uzbekistan to create a task force that will develop a new regulatory framework that regulates offers and exchanges of securities tokens.

ADA Cardano has long been considered one of the rising stars of the cryptographic industry, mainly due to the great involvement of the academic world in the project, however in recent months the project had disappeared from the community's radars also, and perhaps above all, in the face of growing tensions that characterized the relationships between the subjects in charge of the platform, with IOHK and Emurgo who had attempted the coup d'etat trying, if not to oust, at least to limit the relevance of the Cardano Foundation in the management of the project.

Lately, however, thanks to the new technological developments and what appears to be a phase of reversal of the long bearish trend that has plunged the price to historic lows, the community's interest in ADA has returned to show up and many are today having turned the spotlight back on this cryptocurrency.

Roberto D.
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