How does this Smart Contract stack up to its competitors? Etherchain or bust? Too good to be true?

By Razerface | CryptoFace | 5 Sep 2020



In a time of hot DeFi swaps and skyrocketing tokens is there a sleeping mega system no one knows about running below the flashy lights of swap and pool  tokens?  I was doing allot of research lately on ways people could if any make passive income with out day trading or staking on uniswap pools.  The short answer is not too many and the ones that you do find have very negative reviews most of the time.  Then I came across a platform ecosystem called Etherechain and TRXchain  they are Ethereum based built smart contracts where any user to the platform can input the same crypto type based on the name of the contract(ETH/TRX) you choose to lock up and receive more of the same tokens back in a daily % ratio.  The creator, Andreas Kartrud, sates on the sites guide, "The ETHER CHAIN Smart Contract is designed to provide everyone with an independent, financial support fund, based on Blockchain and Smart Contract technology."  I decided to go over this one specifically because of how much information was readily available to research versus all the other ones suggested or found my self.



Unlike a lot of things I came across this project has new updates coming out to help grow the Eco system called Eclipcity which can be found on YouTube (see below article).  These types of systems are known for "Rug pulling" or "Exit Scams" and tons of people are trying 4-9 different types of systems or projects and a lot of reviews, Reddit articles say how they are "nightmares" or "destructive" quick money investments. This user based "Matrix", as Andreas calls, is set to help cut the worlds poverty that has lacks of easy accessible investments.  




Unlike most of these types of sites Etherchain/Tronchain has a very smooth design, and easy to use interface. This is because they put some of the community driven founds towards these types of design/promotion.  This is not common in a lot of the other contracts and projects I came across, were they seemed to be made once and then never updated.  Here are some examples of the user interface to help keep track of your Tokens and Partners you build with.


                                                        personal stats         


There is a uniqueness of these types of contracts where if you are a solo type of investor or a Team builder  opportunities are equally rewarding. There also appears to be more of a community feel to this Matrix ecosystem of smart contracts because you can engaged with others involved in it via chat and YouTube (comments).   I still have not found clear info on my country or USA's Tax laws on these types of investments or if they fall under the basic Capital investments laws or do you have to pay a % on what ever you convert from Crypto to Fiat, if any one knows please feel free to add below to continue the convo!




I think people need to learn about this because the new technology that will be implemented in to the banking systems in the future or basic contracts for rent,travel,hotels, etc... The possibilities you can discover with Smart contracts are endless and soon ripples XRP will have it's own version soon with partner Flare set to release its own ECR20 token.  One can only imagine what this will do for the "small guys" in the world who wants a piece of the big pie too!  In the end it's always up to you to make the decisions and do your own research.









This is one of the creators videos for more reference and research to learn more about these types of options for people out there.





I am not a financial advisor I like to simply learn new technology in the financial world and crypto world and share this info, Thanks!

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