NFTs from Juungle! Looking at these cool Waifus!

By Laurenceuuu | Mind++. | 7 Apr 2021

There's a lot of people in BCH community who always shared this one of the best Marketplace of NFT called Juungle. On my last article, I explained what Juungle is and if you want to read it, visit this. Also, to have more idea about Juungle, you can visit Constant1995 since he is one of the promoter of this Marketplace.

If you will compare Juungle to other marketplace, you will see a lot of differences, in this Marketplace there is no limit to store many NFT as much as you want, it has also low transaction fees which is only 2% of your sale it has a huge difference compared to other Marketplace.

Now, let's have a glimpse on my NFTs in Juungle and let me share why I love them and why I bought them.

Namiko Kuwabara



disdains the law, thinks friendship is important, sees guile and cunning as indirect and somewhat worthless, finds artwork boring, values self-control, values a harmonious existence, finds leisure time wasteful, finds romance distasteful, values nature, values peace over war


is not the type to fall in love or even develop positive feelings, almost never feels discouraged, only rarely feels strong cravings or urges, does not enjoy participating in physical confrontations, doesn't mind a little tumult and discord in day-to-day living, has great trouble mastering fear when confronted by danger, doesn't mind wearing something special now and again, is generally unhindered by the thoughts of others concerning her actions, tries to keep her things orderly, is moved by art and natural beauty


clumsy, slow to heal


poor analytical abilities, next to no willpower, a good memory, a very clumsy kinesthetic sense

This waifu is my most expensive NFT and I bought her because of her cool appearance especially her eyes. When you look at her eyes it looks like she is hypnotizing you and, it worked to me! Well, I listed her at Juungle but I set a high price because I believe that it is worth to buy at that price and her value is more than that.

You can buy her here:

Sayano Uesugi

She is my favorite waifu and I don't have a plan to sell her, maybe in the future but I will set a very high price because she deserve it.

She is my favorite waifu on my waifu NFT. I don't know why but I love her appearance, she's cool and cute. Looks like a kid. Honestly, I don't have a plan to sell her. If ever that I will sell her, maybe on a very high price because she looks nice that I can't see on other waifu.


values family, values tradition, finds those that deny their impulses somewhat stiff, values tranquility and a peaceful day, finds those that develop skill with weapons and fighting distasteful, sees working hard as a foolish waste of time, sees war as a useful means to an end


often feels lustful, doesn't handle stress well, is very impolite and inconsiderate of propriety, dislikes receiving advice, preferring to keep her own counsel, could not care less about her appearance, talents or other personal vanities, has an active sense of humor, does not generally seek retribution for past wrongs, has an overinflated sense of self-worth, is easily moved to mercy, is a complete scatterbrain, unable to focus on a single matter for more than a passing moment, is inattentive to detail in her own work, finds helping others emotionally rewarding, is given to flights of fancy to the point of distraction


shockingly slow to heal, susceptible to disease


good creativity, an astonishing memory, a little difficulty with words, a good spatial sense

These two waifus are valuable to me but Sayano Uesugi is my favorite. As of now I have 7 waifus, 6 zombies, 2 ponies, and 1 from Ashwick.


My first pony was from carisdaneym2 while I bought the second one. I bought the second pony because it looks like a rare one and having a gorgeous appearance. As of now I don't have a plan to sell it. My 6 zombies are stucked on my assets and I don't know if someone will buy it. I got those zombies from the faucet. Lastly, my 1 NFT from ASHWICK was from telegram group where you can get one once you joined on that group. I'm also holding my ASHWICK because I know that it will have a good potential in the future.


This Marketplace is on its Alpha version and still developing, it's almost one month old but having a lot of sales everyday. They said that the developer is currently busy because of the new feature that will be released soon. I think that this Marketplace will be listed on one of the best Marketplace of NFT because of being unique and features (low transaction fees and easy to buy NFT).

What do you think? Is this Marketplace will “boom” on the next coming months?

You can visit my camp at using my slp address:


You can also give me some NFT if you want, lol.

These are the assets that I am selling:

They are expensive and that's the beauty of NFT.I'm selling them and set a price depends on their appearance.


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Live in peace and private 🤞


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