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By Laurenceuuu | Mind++. | 31 Mar 2021

The new opportunities came to my “crypto-life” when some of my friends introduced Non-fungible Token (NFT) to me. I love NFT not only because of their potential in the future nor price but because of their cool and great appearance.

Now, let's talk about one of the BEST NFT Marketplace [for me] and will “boom” in the next few months because of its great community. 

Juungle is a NFT Marketplace where you can buy different NFT depends on their category such as Waifu, Zombies, Pony and many more! Some people are saying that the NFT in this marketplace are almost the same because of their eyes and appearance but for me they are not. To be honest they looks good because of their uniqueness as Waifu. 

I think Waifu was the first released NFT on this Marketplace and I can say that it had a great result because many people supported it. The best thing on this platform is we are using Bitcoin Cash which has low transaction fees so we don't need to spend a lot to buy your chosen NFT. You don't need to create your own account if you only want to buy a waifu but if you are planning to sell, creating an account is a must.

If you're still not believing that this is a great Marketplace, maybe you need to hear the stories of my friends who have a great experience on this Market. Here are my two “friends” who sold a lot of NFTs in Juungle.

Did you know that there's a guy who earned almost $300 in just one week by just buying and selling NFT waifu? Yes! Let me introduce you Constant1995. He support Juungle community and shared his story in, I admire this guy for being supportive in Juungle and by that, he's also supporting Bitcoin Cash community.

If other platform sold one NFT for more than $1000 price, Juungle already sold one Waifu for more than 1 BCH and for me it's not bad since Juungle is still on its Alpha version and still needs a lot of improvement. It's a good start for Juungle community and wise choice to choose BCH as its main crypto. By the way, as of writing it is still 20-21days old.

One of my friend also earned a lot because of this new trend, she earned almost $62.43 by just selling her waifus. Good thing is, some of her waifu was only claimed in the faucet, meaning she got some of her waifu for FREE. She is carisdaneym2, she also gave me one pony NFT since I didn't manage to claim on a faucet. 

 Also, she is the source of the latest faucets of NFT powered by SLP because she's supporting Juungle community.

Honestly, I have a lot of regrets by not claiming more waifu before. I discovered waifu faucet long time ago but didn't push it since I thought that it is useless or just for fun. I didn't know that we can sell them in Marketplace. Unfortunately, the faucet wasn't giving any waifu because it is out of stock for now. I only claimed one Waifu before but didn't keep it and I only stored it in wallet which didn't support NFT, then Constant1995 published an article where we can recover our waifu from, sadly I can't claim it because it says that I don't have any stored waifu.

Actually, I'm planning to buy more waifus and hold them for a quite long time and sell them in the future. As of now I have 5 Waifus, 6 Zombies, and 1 Pony that I got from carisdaneym. I know that even my 1BCH goal will be delay, I can still achieve it once I sell my waifus. Who knows that I will also get $300, right? As of now I will manage it first and wait for the cheap price so I can apply our principle which is buy low and sell high. 

I bought my first waifu at a price of almost $10 and I think I will be having  a hard time to sell it because of the price BUT I will hold it, as what I have said, it's not all about price or profit but also on their appearance and uniqueness. The other 4 waifus was bought at a price of approximately $6, then my zombies was claimed on a faucet and Pony was from carisdaneym. I hope that these NFTs will be sold sooner or later so I can achieve my goal.

As of now, the Juungle community has an ongoing contest which is making sticker that related to Juungle. If you are interested you can read more information HERE

There's a lot of things that I have learned in Juungle and they are the following:

As what I've said, I have a lot of regrets in not claiming more waifus as soon as possible. Now, a lot of users was successful for selling their waifu on Juungle. 

Always be advance or one step ahead on a trend, if there's an undervalued project for now, learn to read and study so you can invest your time, effort, and money so you will not have any regrets in the future.

As of now, I'm going to hold all of my NFT and sell it on the near future. I know that some people will buy this soon, on an unexpected time. We should have a long patience when it comes to crypto because holding would be the safest but still risky in crypto. Safe because you don't need to touch it, risky because you might be waiting for more and not contented then because of waiting, you lost a lot of opportunity. 

I am still thinking if I will buy more waifus, but there's one thing that I am sure. I will focus on my 1BCH goal this coming months.

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