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NFTs and their Great Artists!

By Laurenceuuu | Mind++. | 9 Apr 2021

On my previous article, you had a glimpse on my NFTs from Juungle and I hope you also consider it as a good Marketplace in the near future because of its features and since it is powered by Bitcoin Cash. Excluding Juungle, there’s also a good Marketplace where we can buy, sell, and mint our own NFTs and now, let’s take a look on my collections where I got these all for FREE. Most of my NFTs are from telegram groups that giving away their own NFTs and having a free drop where you need to claim before it turns into OUT OF STOCK. Well as of now I stopped claiming in free drops because I’m running out of RAM and I also don’t have a wax to buy some ram for some other reason. As of now, my NFTs are from the giveaways given by different artists on @Crackers interview of NFT artists, so far, I love the drops from them and got a good impression on the artists. Some are also from Twitter and Publish0x giveaway.

In total, I have 74 collections from different artists, even though more on those NFT has no value (in WAX) I don’t care because I value them base on their looks and appearance. Soon, I will buy NFT once I have a WAX. You can buy a WAX in KuCoin but if you didn’t know how to buy you can click THIS.

Byron’s Zombies

So far, Byron the artist is my favorite artist because if his main subject which are the Zombies and I am really a fan of zombies. He’s on my top collection with a total of 15 collections. Also, he is very supportive on the community because he is always dropping his works without any instructions, once you open your collection you will be surprise because o your new zombies from him.




Next on my favorite artists is cryptomonkeys. I found these cards cool because of its looks and background. The combination of the background and the monkeys are great. In total, I have 4 collections from cryptomonkeys. I got one from Crackers’ interview while the others are from @PVMihalache’s giveaway.




One of my favorite artists is TheDerpyCats, honestly, I don’t like cats, but these cats hooked by unknown reason. I love DerpyCat’s artwork and found his cats cool. I got the toxic cat from Crackers’ interview and the Bad cat was from Twitter giveaway. Soon, I will buy more cats.




I found this Gnomeseries from Crackers’ interview and found the works cool and interesting. I’ve been following them on twitter and had a great experience from them. The Gnomeseries know how to handle their community and worth to support. I got the PoopyGnome from Crackers’ interview while KingGnome was on Twitter.




The artist behind these bears are generous and very friendly. I’m on their telegram group and asked some questions on how I can buy a wax and to my surprise, they replied and helped me. Also, Mr. Trick helped me and gave me a WAX, he said that sharing is caring that’s why I bought some RAM and store more NFT. I like collecting those bears since Care Bear is one of my childhood cartoon series that I watched.



I found this artist from Crackers’ interview and always make me hungry while looking on their NFT because they are all food. I have Mint #8 from their works, and it is an honor for me to have one. Who wants boiled egg and Spicy Sausage Pasta?



This is a good partner to DerphyCats, if we have a cat of course we also have a dog. I like this NFT that I am holding because of their cute and cool pose. I also love dogs and looking forward to having Derpy and Cyberpuppies have a collab, isn’t it cool? Cats X Puppies.


CannabIsinfo and cannagIph421

These two are worth to support! The artists are very approachable and had a great experience from their telegram group! It seems that these two artists are helping each other and grow together. Well, they deserve it! I got Mint #6 and #10 from them. I will hold this cannabis, who will not like it, right? LOL.




Lastly, this guy, I got his works from Crackers’ interview and the other one is from free drops. He is a great author on Publish0x and I think he is also in He is worth to support and knew a lot about NFT. @TrocProcLock



NFT community is really great and just like most of the artists said on the Crackers’ interview “It is all about community” and I admire the artists because of their very approachable character. I believe that this community will continue to grow because of the supporters and great artists.

I also have more NFT that I haven’t included yet such as Alpaca, GirlLovesNFT, etc. I only have one Alpaca that I got from PVMihalache’s hunt giveaway and it is pretty much cool! Maybe I will include them sooner or later.

As for me, NFT is not only about the price but also in the appearance and looks. In the future, I will buy some NFT or maybe become one of the artists, because why not, right?


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Live in peace and private 🤞


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