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By Laurenceuuu | Mind++. | 9 May 2021

Commonly, people are using Google chrome as their default browser, but then when I entered on crypto-verse, I found an opportunity to download a blockchain browser where have a vision “users first”.

Introducing Brave browser! It is a blockchain browser that blocks creepy advertisements including website trackers to ensure your privacy. It also provides a 3x page load faster than Google chrome, 33% less memory and more than 1 hour of battery life! Brave browser was founded by the creator of Java script named Brendan Eich who is also a co-founder of Mozilla Firefox.

One of the good things on Brave browser is you can earn free BAT by just clicking the ads on your notification and give an attention on it, the more ads that you received, the more BAT that you will accumulate.

Before judging this browser about its “ads” feature, let me tell you that this ad is the ads that you will love as it is not irritating unlike other advertisements on Google chrome and other browser.


What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?


It is a native token of Brave browser on top of Ethereum blockchain that the goal is to advertise the money between publishers, readers (user), and advertisers.

As of writing BAT token’s price is $1.41 with a +13.34% change in 7 days. As of now, it is ranked as #71 of all cryptocurrencies with a total market capitalization of $2,121,796,303.00. The latest all-time high was $1.55.


In Brave browser, you can tip the authors of a particular website if they are verified in Brave browser. You can tip the authors using your earnings from your savings from ads that you clicked.

Don’t worry, the advertisement on Brave browser is safer than other ads in different browser that collects the user’s data and information through their engagements and website trackers.

As the Investopedia said, “The makers of BAT indicate that the user’s private data and tracking information is stored only on the user’s device, ensuring that it is anonymous and private.”

The data of the user will only be stored on the user’s device unlike other browsers that are using website trackers to monitor the engagements of the user.

What is website tracker?

According to Wikipedia, it is the practice by which the operators of website collect, store, and share information about visitor’s activities on the world wide web.

Have you searched a video about jackets then suddenly, the major ads that are appearing on your screen were almost related on the jackets? Well, that is not a coincidence! Since Google chrome is using website trackers and other creepy ads, they will know you more than your parents! From the time you search a jacket, your favorite food, and even the persons that you are interested!

Now that you have an idea about Brave browser, do you think it is the best browser? For me, it’s a yes!


So as what you have read on the title, we can accumulate two tokens in one screen, one is BAT and the next one is PRE tokens. We can accumulate free PRE tokens by using this decentralized search engine which is Presearch.


What is Presearch?

It is a decentralized search engine powered by blockchain technology where your data is safe, stored, and encrypted on the



This is a type of search engine where you can earn their native token, PRE which is also under the Ethereum blockchain.

One thing that is good on Presearch is they are offering an ad where you can advertise your own link by staking your PRE tokens on the Keyword staking feature. You can earn free PRE tokens by just simply searching on their platform. Take note that you need to login your account first so you can accumulate your PRE tokens.

👉If you don’t have an account in Presearch, sign up now by clicking this

As what Pape’s said, “Search is one of the most centralized and important utilities on the web, the world deserves a search engine that is built by the people, for the people and that’s what Presearch is.”



Using these two decentralized platforms, we can surely search and browse safely and privately. It is a good integration as you can earn two tokens and secure your data and information. Always keep your anonymity with the use of decentralized browser and search engine.

For the full tutorial about Presearch, you can read it here:


Published: May 9, 2021


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