UBT Unibright – How it achieves $10 - $40 (PART I OF II)

UBT Unibright – How it achieves $10 - $40 (PART I OF II)


Thanks for joining me exploring the rationale behind my lofty UBT (Unibright) price predication.

This piece aims to serve two purposes, one been how I believe Unibright UBT can achieve the lofty heights of my price predictions stated in my previous article (spoiler alert – as per the title and my previous article, I predict UBT to be hit the heights between $10 - $40). The other been the type of crypto eco-system required for UBT to flourish in order to achieve the predicted range. Naturally the latter must be in place before the former can occur.

This article is written in two parts, this, the first part, is basically the prelude to the main crux of the articles purpose.



Before I go any further let’s give value some definition and how it relates to cryptocurrency.

In main, value derives from the transferring of energy, moreover it is relative to the system/entity that perceives it to be valuable - I know, very abstract, if not bordering on a crazy-broad-scientific statement. For example, a hungry man needs food, he has no money but in exchange to solve his dilemma he makes a deal to clean the baker’s oven in exchange for a loaf of bread. Ordinarily the baker would exchange one loaf for a deep oven clean. However, an influx of soldiers stationed in the town food is becoming scarce therefore the baker demands the man to clean both his ovens.

The bread itself is obviously valuable to the man as it provides energy at core to prolong his existence. But we can dig deeper and look at the comprising factors on what fundamentally make the bread valuable. Obviously, the bread was baked by the baker who traded his time and expertise operating the oven and baking the bread. The ingredients of the bread such as flour, yeast, salt and water were also sourced by individual traders which in turn had to invest in effort and work in order to grow, collate or trade these ingredients. The next link in the chain would be the ingredients and what is needed to occur and grow which in turn have their own individual energy value systems.

Armed with this discreetly complex relationship of energy/value we can swiftly apply to this to the crypto ecosystem.

Value in the Crypto-Ecosystem

We know Bitcoin and Ethereum work on a similar abstract energy-value exchange system, whereby computer processing power is exhausted in order to compute a validity test which results in rewarding the winning miner whose computing networks solve their bitcoin or Ethereum.  The way I perceive this energy-value exchange stems from the electricity generated to power the computers to Compute the bitcoin and Ethereum into existence. Obviously, the value structure within the crypto ecosystem is undergoing tremendous evolution as smart contracts become ever more precise and interwoven with the service they provide. Ultimately what we are seeing are value structures built upon value structures and as the whole crypto ecosystem becomes more compounded in use and purpose the more monetary value the entire ecosystem will achieve.

I may have gone on a bit of tangent there but I believe I have outlined a rough and ready model of how the space works. Thus, you know how I interpret ‘value’ which my predictions are based upon.

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The Crypto-Ecosystems – Signs of an emerging structure

I see the crypto ecosystem becoming a world changing behemoth.

We are in the age of information and it is fair to say as outlined above, computing and the internet is humanities key tool in representing this new age.

It is fair to say our core monetary systems are aligned to old ideas, ideas that served a bygone era. One only has to look at the sheer explosion in cryptocurrency that in time it will supersede so-called finance 1.0.

Two significant inferences of the evolution of the crypto ecosystem are; one, the eagerness of central banks to quickly build their own nation state currencies over the past year the globes superpowers have all in one way or another announced the creation of their own nation state digital currencies.

The second been social medias monolithic giant aka Facebook announcing their intention of creating their own private cryptocurrency. Of late, the news has been negative and very quiet about Facebooks Libra coin but one only has to look at their Github page to appreciate the intention remains very much thriving. It is also worth noting if you are building a global system that has the potential to upset national interest it is best to do it discreetly without any hype as not to raise awareness which could hinder your progress. This is exactly how Facebook are proceeding, discreetly.

As I write this WE ARE IN a global crisis and in every crisis comes an opportunity to assess and implement new systems and methods. For me, this crisis is already subtly ushering methods behind ‘crypto’ to perform on the main stage.

Another, all-too-easy too overlook quality about the crypto ecosystem is the current systems has shied away from is ‘survival of the fittest’ or to ‘leave behind those who fail to adapt to new environments’. One does not have to look very far to see the bubble that is corporate debt, in essence this is debt accrued by companies who have been bailed time after time by central banks when in natural practice they should be out of the market and basically died off. Like in nature, in regard of seasons, summer represents growth winter represents death. As long as Bitcoin remains the crypto ecosystems index coin, Crypto currency will have an inbuilt cycle that allows for shedding / reflecting and recreation, this is the notion of the halving event. This is also I would argue finance 1.0 is lacking.




The lay of the land and UBT Unibrights projected price rationale

Before I hit home as to why and how UBT hits the predicted range, I will say it is well and truly capable of hitting several dollars on its own merit in a stable crypto market. However, I really do not think this will be the case – otherwise I would not be invested in this space.

Right lets go for it! Let’s assume we are in the right market conditions where the following description is becoming the normal:

Libra is beginning to gain traction, where, over a billion of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users who were previously unexposed to crypto are now curious. As such the world is becoming rapidly aware of the ideas and concepts underpinning crypto. Meanwhile, the world’s central banks are aware of this and they too, nation state by nation state, incrementally roll out their respective digital currencies. My word…I haven’t even mentioned Bitcoin and Ethereum.  The Bitcoin halving has occurred and the new Bitcoin supply flowing into the market is akin to a dripping tap attached to a drying well in the middle of the desert. Lets assume Ethereum 2.0 was successfully launched, a raft of worldly ambitious generation ‘Z’ers’ invested in 32 ETH as well as a host of every other generations opportunists, who take a significant amount of ETH off the table, thus increasing its scarcity, thus increasing its price. Lets say Defi has become an alternative global financial market and lets say at least one member of every enterprise Management Team is aware and ambitious to share their idea of plugging their company into blockchain because that is the direction of the world. That is the direction of the evolution.    

So there it is, the fertile landscape in which Unibright can really prosper. Fin 1.0 and enterprise will be falling over themselves to port into blockchain. You will note I have mentioned Facebook Libra and that is just one other option among EEA and Baseline protocol where Unibright already has a firm foot in this ladder.




I recently tweeted John Wolpert (the brainchild behind Ethereums Enterprise Alliance Initiative) and suggested UBT and LINK were mere passengers of the Ethereum Enterpirse Alliance magic bus...This was his response.



UBT in part are driving this Magic Bus! 


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Cryptocurrency opportunity
Cryptocurrency opportunity

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