Unibright UBT - Primed and ready to port the old world (Finance 1.0 and Global Enterprise to Blockchain)

Unibright UBT - Primed and ready to port the old world (Finance 1.0 and Global Enterprise to Blockchain)



It is safe to say the majority of people believe growth should be intrinsically connected to competence – there is no exception with the crypto ecosystem. At its root the key quality of the crypto ecosystem is its ‘newness’ in turn this means there are competent projects that remain under the radar with LIFE CHANGING PERCENTAGE GAINS to be revealed.

I want to talk about one of these projects that deserves your attention, I present - UNIBRIGHT (UBT). Unibright hits all the hallmarks that suggest LIFE CHANGING PERCENTAGE GAINS are highly probable.

Lets agree on three key factors a project with vast growth potential must have:

  1. Real utility (does it serve a required purpose)

  2. Bargain Price (relative to its utility and the entire ecosystem is the asset price low)

  3. Supply (The scarcity of the asset)

Unibright - UBT holds all these qualities.

Key Summary:

Amongst other attributes, the purpose of Unibright is to port enterprise to blockchain.

Right now we are seeing the bubble pop on finance 1.0, and once the markets complete their devolution questions will be asked such as. “What can be learned, what can be done better and what are the alternatives ?” A big answer to these questions will be ‘BLOCKCHAIN’. What do I mean by this?

We live in ‘the age of information’, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the absolute correlation of value represented in the age of information. Therefore as an edge against traditional finance 1.0, enterprise MUST diversify and become correlated with these emerging digital representations of value and money. Let me connect the dots, clearly – right now UNIBRIGHT is purpose to port ENTERPRISE to any blockchain. This fact is also compounded by Unibright been a key element in the Baseline protocol which in essence is a branch of Ethereum that is geared up for porting enterprise to the Ethereum blockchain.

Unibright is also linked to Microsoft, EY, German banks, SAP and tenuously with Facebook Libra.

Also worth a mention is the exchange listing strategy. The team have been very considered in terms of the types of exchanges that list UBT, so far the exchange listing are the main Ethereum exchanges. This in my opinion is a well thought out strategy, it enables the incubation and organic growth of a sound investor base. What’s more is the BIG EXCHANGE LISTINGS STILL AWAIT, another words there future investors are still in the pipe-line. The token is available via exchanges such as, IDEX, Kyber Network, Uniswap and Bancor.

Price, Predictions and Conclusion.

The token is currently available for around $0.10. There are only 150 million tokens! so relative to Unibrights use case, the majority of crypto ecosystem the token is vastly undervalued.

I predict in right market conditions and successful enterprise porting to blockchain UBT will hit a price range between $10 to $40 – this is an approximate 25’000% increase. We have seen many cryptos do this before.

Unibright by my assessment is the epitome of a life changing opportunity. In conclusion, if you believe competence, utility and unrealised price with is a precursor to LIFE CHANGING PERCENTAGE INCREASES then I urge to further research and consider Unibright - UBT.

I have failed to talk about Unibrights Freequity, the 360 framework, tokenomics and many other well defined strategies that underpin Unibrights key to success. I invite you to find out more; the Unibright telegram chat is a brilliant start as well as their website.

I am in no way affiliated with Unbright or any of their associates. Amongst only three other crypto currencies I hold a moderate volume UBT. Please also be aware, volatility is guaranteed in the crypto ecosystem.

About me:

Professionally, I have worked in the field of data analytics for just under a decade. My interpretation of large data has resulted in my employers’ organisation to evolve and succeed to ever changing demand. I am also a competitive crypto investor who was wise, lucky and unbiased enough to successfully navigate through this brilliant and emerging crypto ecosystem.


Blockchain revolution, leftfield thinking, classical art and data analytics.

Cryptocurrency opportunity
Cryptocurrency opportunity

Looking at many opportunities of this emerging world changing revolution.

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