IOTA blockchain will die ?
IOTA blockchain will die ?

we had another successful ico - IOTA.

It doesn't use blockchain but rather something called the Tangle which does not consist of transactions grouped into blocks and stored in sequential chains, but as a stream of individual transactions entangled together.

In order to participate in this network, a participant simply needs to perform a small amount of computational work that verifies two previous transactions. Rather than creating a hierarchy of roles and responsibilities in the network, every actor has the same incentives and rewards. In order to make a transaction in the Tangle, two previous transactions must be validated with the reward for doing so being the validation of your own transaction by some subsequent transaction. With this 'pay-it-forward' system of validations, there is no need to offer financial rewards.

IOTA was about the Internet of Things that do work with some nice companies and its 2nd time the chain stopped. The first time there was some minor bug in the tangle but this time hackers found the bug not company itself and stole millions USD worth of IOTA.

The main walletTrinity, IOTA’s official wallet, has been exploited. The chain has been stopped and doesn't work for 3 days. IOTA tells people to NOT open the wallet at all of more funds can be gone and tries to find thiefs with police.


But they have live partnerships i wonder what with them, will the cars using IoT stop now? :)
Microsoft, Volkswagen, Fujitsu, Bosch... really big names.

The coin took a big hit in prices, you can still trade it ie on Binance but cannot deposit or receive.


Pretty good exchanges here if you never tried i recommend CoinEX its really undervalued but pretty much all of this list like Okex etc are good. Just not fuckin HitBTC scam.

IOTA Chart from Binance





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