Airdrops: Scam Resistant Initial Coin Offerings

The Airdrop Explosion: Thanks Uniswap


Airdrops within the cryptosphere have been somewhat common for a while now; However, they were never really utilized to the extent that they are today. This all began when the random UNI airdrop redefined the meaning of the word, as it was something that literally fell out of the air and nobody had any idea it was coming and especially not nearly at such a large scale. Full disclosure, I was not one of the lucky UNI recipients and noticed a lot of new airdrops popping up and decided I would give those a try as long as it didn't cost me anything. 


Commence The Airdrop Hunt


I recently wrote a short post about the XYFI airdrop and it seems a decent amount of people were interested as it required nothing but an Ethereum address to sign up. However, unlike the XYFI airdrop these other airdrops I have come across are all located in Telegram and utilize bots to gather information. As you might expect, the vast majority of these are DeFi projects and based on the Ethereum blockchain. The most recent airdrops to close have been $Y, DEGO NFT, and $XYFI (currently in Phase 2 public ICO, 1 ETH = 15 XYFI) with the $Y and DEGO airdrops already being distributed with an initial value of 1.7ETH, 1.5 of which was in $Y and the NFT is worth .2ETH and can function as a mining tool to mine DANDY. With that being said there are numerous other airdrops that are currently active through Telegram and I will be compiling them below for your easy access. 


Airdrop Galore! 



Although I will say that I personally take the Risk-to-Value of any airdrop that asks for a verification transaction. Two examples for you, first is the DEGO NFT in which they never asked me for anything I was just required to pay the gas fee to receive the NFT; Second is a more recent discovery for an airdrop of a TRC-20 token with the RLE team asking everyone who applied to send 1TRX to their address because they only have 55,000 members in their telegram but had 139,422 wallet addresses and they are issuing each recipient an extra 50 RLE tokens. Below I will separate the airdrops that I personal feel have a higher likelihood of being legit and the ones that are just a possibility. 

The TRC airdrops require that you have, specifically, a Tronlink pro wallet which you can find here where you can earn 300 free TRX points if you are new to the wallet as well. 

The Ethereum based tokens all recommend using TrustWallet.


The somewhat more "legitimate" feeling airdrops:

RLE Swap Airdrop Rich Lab Exchange Coin Airdrop Ends 10/30/20 receive 1500 RLE tokens

YYFI Protocol Airdrop Another YFI fork, seems as legit as most other YFI forks I guess.

YFIV Finance Airdrop YET Another YFI fork YFIV (YFI Value token) supposed to make it more accessible *supposed to get 1 YFIV worth roughly $500 on release.* 

EpoxyDAO Airdrop A fully decentralized cross-chain payment network

gotEM Token Airdrop gotEM is a security investigation platform  

DeFi Wizard Airdrop Supposedly airdropping 100 WIZ worth ~ $500 Another YFI based project

YF Network DeFi Airdrop And Another one, YFI fork airdrop Distribution Dec. 25.

Fnaticx Token Airdrop FNX is the TRC-10 utility token for Fnaticx platform

Bon Finance Airdrop BonFi token sale ends on Oct. 16th, another ERC DeFi token.

Cloudex Network Airdrop Supposed to pay in ETH? maybe? *Update from Cloudex, Bounty Campaign as well as Airdrop*


The somewhat less "legitimate" feeling airdrops:

TronGold Airdrop This is supposed to be for TRG worth ~ 1,100 TRX once released. can't find much on them.

Bitaxo Airdrop  I really don't know about this one with how needy the "CEO" is in telegram... 

Imperium Pro Bets Airdrop Supposed to be a token for a betting platform of some company?

TCT Airdrop TCT looks like they have been around awhile but not much information, the bot says the TCT tokens can be exchanged for mainstream tokens in future but who knows. 

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Cryptocurrency Love and a Mutual Benefit
Cryptocurrency Love and a Mutual Benefit

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