Cryptocurrency Degenerates NFT Art Projects - Join The Discord Community - Launch Within a Few Weeks - Solana NFT Giveaway $250

This short post is to notify those interested in this project that a Discord server has been developed for the Cryptocurrency Degenerates (CDGS) NFT Art Project. The project was started approximately 8 months ago and is in the final stages before the launch. It will take a few weeks to build up the community - once this is done the launch will take place. Those who join early will have the opportunity to be whitelisted. Additionally, community engagement activities and NFT giveaways of a previously designed collection of 11 NFTS (On the Solana Blockchain) - Valued at $250 each will take place shortly (Join the Discord). The CDGS collection will be launched on  COSMOS: Omniflix Chain.






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Cryptocurrency Degenerates NFT Art Project
Cryptocurrency Degenerates NFT Art Project

The Cryptocurrency Degenerates project is a collection of 10 000 NFT characters. Globally many people are experiencing harsh financial difficulties for extended periods of time. The reasons are numerous but in many instances, it is simply because they have not had the opportunity to acquire skills or get an adequate education. The Cryptocurrency Degenerates (CDGS) Project intends to help such people by changing one life at a time.

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