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Matic Network |Vitalik Buterin’s 2017 Plasma-Sidechain Vision Imminent | Millions TPS |Multiple Blockchains |Interoperability |Horizontal Sharding | Ethereum Classic |Bitcoin Gold |Cosmos Inter-Blockchain Technology

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On the 11th of August 2017 Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Poon published “Plasma: Scalable Autonomous Smart Contracts” (Buterin & Poon, 2017). The proposed Plasma-sidechain framework for enforced and incentivized execution of smart contracts, was capable...

Matic Network | Blockchain Collaboration, Integration and Technology Sharing Encouraged | POS Sidechains | Adapted Plasma Framework | Cosmos | Chainlink | Harmony One | Elrond |Ethereum Blockchain

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“Ethereum Scaling Research Organization Plasma Group (ESRPG) shuts down” – In this recent article it was announced that the above mentioned group responsible for developing Optimistic Rollup and ZK Rollup, layer 2 solutions for scaling the Ethereum B...

Matic Network |Ethereum blockchain Layer 2 Scaling Solutions for Web 3 Dapps |Why 250 000 TPS?

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There has been much talk of scaling solutions for Ethereum. Much publicity has been given to scaling solutions such as Optimistic Rollup and ZK rollup and to a lesser extent to Matic Network which is a layer 2 network on the Ethereum Blockchain. It i...

Proof Ethereum Never Scalable  | The Ethereum Ecosystem Will Likely be Scaled by Layer 2 Matic Network

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Ethereum Co-Founder states, "We knew it wasn't going to be scalable for sure". There has been much talk of scaling in the past; scalability refers to the amount of transaction per second (TPS)a network can process). The subject is important because,...

Matic Mainnet Q1 2020 -Simple Introduction - A Financial Opportunity of a Lifetime

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The purpose of this article is to inform those who do not have a comprehensible understanding of Matic why it is a phenomenon and also why it is an investment of a lifetime. Many people have heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum but much fewer have heard of...

Ethereum, Matic Sidechain - Infrastructure for Decentralized Finance 2020 – Diversified Portfolios for Institutions

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Decentralized finance (Defi) projects bring the hope and promise of trillions of dollars of institutional investment on the blockchain in 2020. Phillip Sandner of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center defines Defi as follows: "An ecosystem comprised...