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Cryptocurrency NFT Art Projects Story

NFTs are becoming increasingly popular with many cryptocurrency projects incorporating them into their existing projects – whether they be DeFi, Gaming, or other innovative approaches. Many individual creators have a story connected to their NFT creations. The writer of this blog and the creator of the Cryptocurrency Degenerates NFT Art Project’s story started about a year ago.

As an international educator for the last 16 years, Perry (Marsman – creator name) worked in nine different countries including the USA, England, Oman, and Kazakhstan. In August 2021 he found himself unemployed by choice - due to an eversion to office politics and micro-managing supervisors. Finding himself unemployed he decided to take a more risky path and attempt to follow a passion that did not offer any guarantee of financial success. However, the decision was made and Marsman decided to create an NFT collection.  

Now to many, this may seem like an easy task. However, with no experience and no developer skills, the task was daunting. After spending a great deal of time he decided to just start and take it one step at a time. First, the body of the individual – the Cryptocurrency Degenerate (one who likes making money from crypto) had to be created. The reader will probably notice that the individual has a nose like an ape. “Apeing” is a common word used with regard to cryptocurrency investing. It refers to people who invest in crypto projects without proper research because of the fear of losing out on potential gains. However, the Cryptocurrency Degenerates Project is not such a project. The initial investment is low with the potential for ongoing long-term benefits.

After many hand-drawn iterations, the body of the NFT figure was approved by the creator. Then began the arduous task of creating hand-drawn traits: Eyes, mouths, facial hair, clothing and male jewelry, etc.  Additionally, backgrounds were carefully selected which in themselves are works of art made up of randomly selected graffiti paintings from neighborhoods all over the world.

Once the artwork was completed the task of creating the final collection began. Once more this took a great deal of research. Many conversations took place with knowledgeable experts but in each instance the costs were high. Various chains were also researched with regard to cost as well as ease of use. Finally, a process and approach were discovered which led to the final production of the 10 000 piece collection.

Nevertheless, creating a collection is only really a small part of a project (to me a huge part). The other part is the business side which involves a great deal of developer work and marketing, as well as creating utility for the project – the art itself is not sufficient to gain interest in most instances, although this is not always the case. There is indeed a market for appealing digital art. Be that as it may investors desire utility and mostly that which can offer financial gain.

Developers can use their skills to turn innovative inspired ideas into profitable platforms. The most notable are DeFi and Metaverse gaming. The Cryptocurrency Degenerates NFT Projects genesis collection has adopted some different kinds of utilities for the collection. Over time owners of the NFTs will be able to obtain many utility benefits to compensate for their initial low investment of 1.5 JUNO.

Roadmap & Utility Benefits



Roadmap for Supporting Self-Reliance

The creator lives in Bulgaria which is in Eastern Europe. In Bulgaria, there are many individuals who are in need of a helping hand. The average salary is approximately 400 – 500 Euros a month. This does create hardship because, although the cost of living is relatively low compared to many other countries, the average salary requires living within a very strict budget. In addition to many existing economic hardship problems, thousands of refugees are now also arriving in Bulgaria. The Cryptocurrency Degenerates NFT Art Projects (CDGS) goal is to “Change one life at a time” by offering appropriate support to those who are unable to get support through traditional ways – for skills training to improve their ability to earn a decent salary and provide for themselves and their families. All individuals or families chosen will be featured in an article such as this one – with pictures and details of the support offered.

Ownership Utility 1 – DeFi

The CDGS projects intend to collaborate with DeFi projects to secure benefits for CDGS NFT ownership – the power of community.

Ownership Utility 2 – Launch Discounts

The CDGS projects intend to collaborate with blockchain projects to secure benefits for CDGS NFT ownership – the power of community.

Ownership Utility 3 – Airdrops

Airdrops amounting to 10% of the supply for future NFT collections launched – for existing CDGS owners. For example, if a future collection has 1000 NFTs the 100 (10%) will be randomly distributed to CDGS NFT holders.

Ownership Utility 4 – Staking Delegator Discounts

Staking is one of the main ways that individuals earn a passive income and is likely to continue to do so into the future. The CDGS project intends to secure discounts with specific validators for delegators who own a CDGS NFT or who are staking CDGS tokens in the DAO (more on the DAO later). Depending on an individual’s staking investment a small reduction in fees could be substantial over a period of several months, amounting to hundreds of dollars or more.

Ownership Utility 5 – CDGS Tokens and DAO Membership 

Each wallet that purchases an NFT/s will receive a specified number of CDGS tokens. These tokens will be required to be staked in the DAO to receive certain utility benefits. Later staked tokens in the DAO will receive rewards once this function has been developed.

Upcoming Launch

It is anticipated that the collection will launch before the end of June or July on Cosmos: The Internet of Blockchains -  Omniflix platform. The NFTs will be purchased using JUNO and the cost for each will be around $30. A full tutorial and video will be published in the coming days on this blog.


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I am a teacher and blockchain enthusiast.

Cryptocurrency Degenerates NFT Art Project
Cryptocurrency Degenerates NFT Art Project

The Cryptocurrency Degenerates project is a collection of 10 000 NFT characters. Globally many people are experiencing harsh financial difficulties for extended periods of time. The reasons are numerous but in many instances, it is simply because they have not had the opportunity to acquire skills or get an adequate education. The Cryptocurrency Degenerates (CDGS) Project intends to help such people by changing one life at a time.

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