Top rules of Crypto Trading

Top rules of Crypto Trading

Being invested almost three years in the cryptomarket I've learned a lot. New players in the cryptospace can learn from my mistakes and take the following rules as my advice:

1. Only invest what you can loose (the cryptomarket is very very volitile market);


2. Pay attention to Bitcoin (all altcoins follow the most valuable and well known cryptobrand)


3. Diversify your portfolio (99% of the cryptoprojects will fail so don't put your money in one project)


4. Do your own research (also called DYOR, only invest in what you understand and not what others tell you)

5. Don't be greedy (often a big price rise follows with a retracement, sell after a price rise en buy back in later)


6. Don't buy a big rise (also called Fear of Missing Out, just wait en be patient for the inevitbale price retracement)

7. Learn from your mistakes (do not make the same mistakes, I should know because I've done it many times :( )


8. Be patient.........


It's not easy to follow these rules, but it will guide you without emotions in the volitile cryptomarket. Take care and enjoy the ride!!!



Crypto enthusiast, general manager

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