Splinterlands' Crypto Canucks is still recruiting & giveaways

Sorry, but we are still looking to add new members to our merry association!

Crypto Canucks is a chill Canadian guild, where fellow North Americans can congregate to earn & learn. Come kick up your feet at the tavern and share some of your P2E experiences, or relish in some of your recent victories at the brawl.

Here's what our guild has managed to accomplish so far. (Our banner changed from a wolf to a skull.)


As you see, our Hall is at level 2 and the Arena as well as the Store are at level 1, meaning that we can already participate in brawls and earn Merits. Imagine how far we will get once you join us eh!

Put your nicest beaver hat on and send us a request directly in the game. Be sure to let us know where in Canada you are located as this guild is dedicated for North American players.

We're mostly looking for low silver and above spellbook owners but all candidates are taken into account. All we ask is you stay active, do your dailies to increase our Lodge bonus and contribute to guild buildings when you can - every bit counts! We're currently working on building the level 2 Store!


I am frequently running giveaways on PeakD, right now the prize pool is kinda low, but it will grow as it's popularity rises. Anyone can join for free. Here's the link to my latest giveaway!


What is Splinterlands? Here's a quick overview I wrote.


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Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, games and passive incomes.
Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, games and passive incomes.

Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, games and passive incomes. I translate a few of my french posts here.

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