Newton adds 4 more DeFi related coins (Canada)
4 news DeFi coins

Newton adds 4 more DeFi related coins (Canada)

Today, Newton is adding new coins that are related to the decentralized finance (DeFi). Feels like déjà vu? See this post for the latest additions and my comments on this exchange. This time, we will be able to trade four more coins on Newton's platform.

It is the native coin for the Maker protocol. Being the most popular decentralized stable coin following the value of the US dollar, DAI is a no-brainer addition.

SNX is the network token used by Synthetix, the largest decentralized exchange for synthetic assets in the decentralized finance offering synthetic forex currencies, cryptos and stocks.

After the addition of Uniswap's UNI a few days ago, Newton now adds SUSHI. Sushiswap's governance token with what you can vote to shape the future of the automated market maker's protocol. Sushiswap, a very popular decentralized exchange, is already operating on 9 different blockchains.

Curve Finance's specialization is stable coins and cryptocurrencies less likely to be impacted by impermanent loss in their liquidity pools. CRV is the protocol's governance token. Quoting Coingecko on Curve "it implemented a complex time-based staking system to exchange CRV into veCRV, where veCRV is an internal token intended for governance purpose and has a right to claim the cash flows generated by the protocol."


I'll leave my referral link. You will get 25 CAD for free in your account once you trade at least 100 CAD. 

See resources below for the non-referral link.

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Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, games and passive incomes.
Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, games and passive incomes.

Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, games and passive incomes. I translate a few of my french posts here.

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