My Thoughts on Current Markets-92

Euro - dollar parity is completing the week above 1.08 level this week. With the decline in the dollar index, the euro - dollar parity increased by one point again and is currently at 1.0827. Since my expectations in the medium and long term are positive, I will continue to evaluate short-term declines, that is, declines below the 1.07 level, as a buying opportunity. 1.12 - 1.15 is my target this year. There is no distortion here.

Ounce gold is at the 2024 dollar level. Last week, it fell to 1985 dollars. There was a sharp decline around $40. It continues its efforts to hold on above the $2000 level again. However, for a full rise to begin, it had to be permanently above the $2058 level. So, I guess the 1950 dollar support level will work again here. A certain $1985 support level had previously worked. Since we are focusing on the broadband range, I continue to follow the $1950 - $2050 range. Currently, ounce gold is at the 2024 dollar level. It found support at the $1985 level last week. However, I predict that it will be in a trend persistently targeting the 1950 dollar level. For permanent increases, it must close above the $2058 level. But it maintains its horizontal course, its calm course. In the declines, again gradually, the 2000 dollar level is the strong support level, the 1985 dollar level is the strong support level, the main target is 1950 dollars. So it's me the band range I will follow is 1950 - 2050 dollars.

The barrel price of Brent oil is down around 1.5% at $81.20. However, it continues to be sold in the 80 - 85 dollar range. Here the $78 support level may work again. I predict that it may fall below the $80 support level next week.

We are leaving behind a week of sellers on the Bitcoin side. Above the $52000 level was seen this week. Currently, there is a 2.13% sale on the bitcoin side at the level of $ 50917. I also included the following statement here. Please note, my prediction regarding the $48000 support level continues. I would like to remind you that I also stated that those who will open or trade on this side should closely follow the level of 48000 dollars. My prediction on this side still continues.

The dollar index was above the $104 level at $103.79. We saw a profit selling here too. When the dollar index retreated in international markets, we saw upward movements in ounce gold, ounce silver or euro - dollar parity or sterling - dollar parity. With the retreat of the dollar index this week, there was some recovery in assets against the dollar along with profit sales. However, these recoveries remained weak. Since I expect a trend above the 104 level in the dollar index again next week, we may again see sales in assets against the dollar on Monday and Tuesday. Therefore, ounce gold, ounce silver, euro - dollar parity, sterling - dollar parity may open with sellers on Monday and retreat to support levels again. I can say that the negative outlook here on Monday and Tuesday can be considered as an opportunity again.

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