Decentraland ! Total Newbie trying out !
Pic of a painting of a Ship from Google

Decentraland ! Total Newbie trying out !

Hello ! 

I begin to explore the nooks and crannies of Decentraland and after some explanations from a friend I begin to grasp the concept.

So I look for information to understand how the land works.
I have a virtual art gallery project, where I want to exhibit the works created by my relative who died a long time ago.

With my friend who bought a piece of land, we take this starting line, as complete beginners, but with the desire to "revive", in a way, this artist who was my parent, which leads me to have to learn to do everything in the metaverse.

So I'm looking for information, sites, videos, any kind of content and any kind of help will be welcome.

So I'm trying to understand how to create floors, merge land, build, set up NFTs then to realize the final gallery project to present the paintings and sculptures.

Alas, English is not my mother tongue, I have a little trouble with the videos to get essential information adapted to my starting point, with the language accents and little content, I feel like I'm going back to school for an intense engineering training or what do I know! But I reassure myself that it's a game and that it shouldn't be that complicated.

Do you have your own fields with you? I will be happy to know the locality to visit them!
Do you want to be kept informed of the progress of our project? You can count on me!
Do you want to help in the creation of this project? Don't let anything stop you from saying it!
Do you know of a similar project at a more advanced stage than ours? Thank you for sharing it with us!

We are currently seeing that the MANA, the currency of decentraland, is picking up and rising again. The potential of Decentraland is infinite. That is why I am trying to understand it.
As you may know about me, I am a video game enthusiast. I introduced you to Gods Unchained which is this trading card game.

I play a lot in a warcraft3 mod called Legion TD. With the First Blood community, gathered on discord, we play games with score and elo ranking.

I have ideas, desires, and am as much in love with the fun/pleasant/reward facets as with the difficulty/strategy/frustration facets!

But I must admit that for the moment, I'm a little bit in the dark! Where to start?

Thank you for your attention

Enjoy your life



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