Crypto-free Disney?? Star Wars franchise observations

By Wynqarrin | CryptoCrossroads | 2 May 2021

 It's starting to very seriously look as if she (Kathleen Kennedy) is definitely leaving or being squeezed-out of Lucasfilm at Disney. This video explains why it looks that way and supports it very entertainingly with well-presented points of consideration.

 I'll also be addressing a point about Disney crypto-financially that I don't think anyone else has really considered.

 A friend introduced me to this Youtuber's channel, and I am glad she did.
 He's a small Youtuber (less than a 1000 Subscribers) but he makes very good, well-spoken and intelligent points as well as being fun. It's a good, and  quite tough blend to achieve but he does it very well.

 I'm sharing this vid here as I strongly suspect some of you are STAR WARS fans like myself and as he's an Independent Creator, I like to help people like him along the road to building their presence.
 Us Independents, all we have is our audiences and each other vs. The Big Fish.
 In the spirit of that, please like and share his video to help grow his channel, and Thank-You!!

As to Disney & Crypto...

 Is it just me or doesn't it strike anyone else as 'Odd' that a company like Disney hasn't attempted to launch or even looked into their own Cryptocurrency yet?
 They've had plenty of time to do so.
 They can obviously see the enormous potential benefit that such would give them.
 It'd be a big boost in their financials.
 With the Disney name behind such, even nowadays, there'd be considerable interest in it I dare to say, so marketing and getting it noticed would not be that hard of a climb. It'd be essentially a slam-dunk.

 Disney, hell, they already pretty much have everything necessary for a Crypto ICO, it'd just be a matter of gathering up things and some organization and voila; ICO from Disney.

 People would buy it for Speculative purposes, Nostalgic reasons, as a show of support to a long-time family-favorite company and many other reasons as well, of course.
 They could also very easily establish a significant Masternode facility, with it's obvious benefits to them and their shareholders.

 That's a lot of very impressive Potential they're not using, and might be strangely unaware of...perhaps because it is so obvious, and we Humans always have trouble seeing the Obvious as it hides right under our nose.

Thank-You for Reading!!!

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