Crypto & Science-Fiction

By TheRuneLion | CryptoCrossroads | 28 Nov 2023

Science Fiction, for the most part--especially Space-Fantasy and Space-Opera sub-grenres--always ignores Currencies beyond some handwavium 'Credits' and some-such nonsense that is never given an underpinning structure in the story-universe. 
 Star Trek is infamous for this...especially ST: TNG.

 Then...along comes Cryptocurrencies in Reality.
 Something truly Sci-Fi, yet REAL...
 ...and Sci-fi/Space-Opera/Space-Fantasy Authors pretty much ignored it.

 Fiiiiiiiine.... (Sigh)

 I am working--as mentioned previous-post--on a Realm inspired by the TTA Books from the 1970's and as part of this Realmbuilding I am examining and exploring how things actually work where-within Crypto is very much an integral part. 
 I am doing it this way because I want to help de-mystify Crypto for people as many people still have high degrees of ignorance about it which is exacerbated by assorted attacks vs. Crypto by MSM and various NGO's (Such as the IMF and notorious others).
 Also, Crypto is PERFECT for a proper Science Fiction Realm, in every way, obviously.

 Science Fiction is just that; Fiction with a base-foundation in Science with a minimum of handwavium nonsense.
 Yes, because of this it is challenging to write and create. It requires work because you are not flying solely on 'Suspension Of Disbelief', you take your audience in and show your work to them. They can see the underpinnings, feel like they are standing on something Real, Plausible and yet-to-come in a genuine way.
 Crypto goes a good ways towards helping build that manner of experience for the audience when visiting a science-fiction world.

 In the past we have seen concepts in Sci-Fi inspire and drive Real-World technologies, and perhaps the same can and will happen with Crypto.

 Many problems and innovations are first run in testing as a Hypothesis, then a Theory, and Sci-Fi is as good a place for such as any while also testing such displayed before a real-world audience across many demographics.

Thank-you for reading and your time.

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