Covid Cryptoacceleration

By Wynqarrin | CryptoCrossroads | 10 May 2021

 One thing that we are seeing with all this Covid goings-on is that more and more people are turning to Crypto.

 More and more people are becoming involved with it, learning about it and engaging in the Cryptoverse.

 NFT's as example are a big indicator, as people have little to do when stuck at home. Humans seek to create, engage and have an impact.
 The Cryptoverse is the Open Door to this, and I think we can all agree 'we ain't seen nothing yet'.

 Many people are also looking at Crypto as a means of coping vs. the explosive inflation that's coming, as well as assorted fun times with the markets.
 Crypto could well be the island of stability that shelters and allows people to get through what's coming while our various governments fiddle while Rome burns.

 Yes, the governments seek to dominate by releasing the CBDC's...but I don't think those will be as successful as the governments think they will be. Too many strikes against them, and they're very late to the game.
 Also, there's NO decentralization of them and they are most likely going to become about as stable as fiat currencies issued by those same governments...and as I pointed out above, many people are NOT looking towards fiat for stability or defense against inflation.

 We need to keep in mind that Crypto is much more inherently stable than any fiat currency, as Crypto is used by many more people and Globally. That gives it a very broad base os Use and thus Stability created by Demand-Supply-Use.
 Simply put, that is entirely beyond any government.
 People like stability, that's Human nature. The stability of Crypto relative to fiat currencies is a powerful draw.

 Crypto is also the gateway to financial empowerment and ability for many, many people ignored by governments and the banks. RE; Africa, as example and Cardano's approach to solving the problems there for people to get financial access and ability.
 Governments have had centuries to address the issues...Crypto begins working to solve it in less than a decade.
 THAT is damned powerful stuff!!

 Crypto mining and masternoding is open to everyone, which is something that cannot be truly said of most opportunities.
 NFT's allow every person who has an artistic yearning to create to get themselves out there and thumb their noses at the elitist galleries.
 What defines 'Art'? I would say; It is how the people percieve it.
 Also, NO gallery can give the kind of exposure found on the NFT markets.


 The 'Cryptoaccelerator Virus'...complete with silver lining for Humanity.

Thank-You for Reading!!

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