Security Risk with Deutsch Post and DHL

Security Risk with Deutsch Post and DHL

By Ascii4rt | CryptoCompanion | 28 Feb 2020

So i just bought a Ledger Wallet a few days ago. 

I got my tracking Code and so i started watching my package on it's way to me. After a few days which felt a lot longer i got my notice that my package is ready to get picked up at the local Post office. 

At last, i can pick up my Ledger!

So i thought. Arriving at the Post office i noticed that i forgot my ID.

No ID, No package. I go back Home to get my ID and head out back to the Post office. 

At last i can get my Ledger i thought. "Sorry your package is NOT here!" is what i hear as i try to get my package. 

My first thought is B...S... i don't have the time to pick it up tomorrow. I ask my Girlfriend if she can pick up the package the next day, with a authorization in my name. 

So i ask the Post office Guy what i need to authorize my GF to pick up my package? Then the moment of total Shock and Disbelieve hits me hard:


"Just give here a hand written authorization in your name."

Me: "... and i'll give her a Copy of my ID."

Post office guy: "That is not necessary, she just has to bring her ID, that's enough!"

So anybody can pick up my Stuff with a handwritten authorization and there own ID; and no additional Copy of my ID!!!! No proof that i really wrote the authorization!!! 

After that discussion with the guy behind the counter i decide to try it later that day. Apparently the notice is sent out when the package is loaded in the morning.


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