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And Security for All Podcast 2024: Cybersecurity's Major Trends & Threat Dynamics

16 May 2024 1 minute read 0 comments Matthew Rosenquist

I'm excited to be speaking live with Kim Hakim on the And Security For All podcast tomorrow to discuss 2024's Cybersecurity's Major Trends & Threat Dynamics, including the ever-changing role of a CISO and the accelerating risks of Nation State cyber...

Unleashing The Entrepreneurial Spirit

14 May 2024 2 minute read 0 comments OfTheFreeMarket

“The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a...

Investing: Game of Probability

12 May 2024 4 minute read 0 comments subscriber

Introduction Investing is often linked to a game, and indeed, it shares several similarities with games of chance. While investing differs from gambling in many crucial ways, it is essential to understand that, like any game, it involves an element o...

Unlocking SMB Cybersecurity: The Rise of Virtual CISOs in 2024 and Beyond

3 May 2024 2 minute read 0 comments Matthew Rosenquist

This year, virtual CISOs must begin making a difference in our industry. For the longest time, small and medium businesses (SMBs) have been abandoned by the cybersecurity industry. But, SMBs need security leaders to guide them through the maze of cy...

The Importance of Risk Management for Trading Success: Just as Vital as Maximizing Returns.

10 Apr 2024 3 minute read 0 comments subscriber

Risk Management In Trading Risk Management has always been a crucial part of trading. Successful trading is not only dependent on the right prediction of the trend but management of risk is also the major decisive factor. Risk Management is a must st...

How to Spot Crypto Scams

25 Feb 2024 4 minute read 0 comments Mando on Crypto

In the vast and sometimes treacherous landscape of cryptocurrency investments, distinguishing between legitimate projects and potential scams is crucial. Fortunately, there are tools and strategies available to help you navigate these waters and make...

From Mortgages to Crypto: Larry Fink and BlackRock's Long Game

22 Feb 2024 5 minute read 2 comments Gryphonboy

The entrance of powerful financial institutions into the cryptocurrency space seems like it should be a positive development on the surface. With the deep pockets and extensive resources of firms like BlackRock and Fink's long history in financial ma...

The 3 Keys to Identifying Business Risks

19 Feb 2024 2 minute read 0 comments

Our workers and our assets are the most viscerally important components of our business, and keeping them safe is a priority. But we should identify risks every step of the way, which is crucial in the overarching sphere of risk management. But how d...

Embracing Innovation and Managing Cyber Risks

10 Jan 2024 1 minute read 1 comment Matthew Rosenquist

I had a great discussion with Julian, from eChannelNEWS where we discussed the pivotal role of information dissemination and the construction of a fortified cybersecurity ecosystem. Of particular importance is the influence that AI will have on cybe...

The Cybersecurity Vault - Now is the Time to Improve Cybersecurity Metrics

1 Jan 2024 1 minute read 0 comments Matthew Rosenquist

We are doing cybersecurity metrics wrong! There are better ways and my guest Rick Howard, the CSO at N2K and longtime cybersecurity metrics expert, provides insights into how metrics can support cybersecurity programs and decisions. This is a timely...