Today we will introduce you to StarCurve. What is StarCurve? Why it is a good investment opportunity to invest in their IDO? How can you participate in the XSTAR token sale? TronList has the answer to all of those questions and much more!

What is StarCurve?

StarCurve is the newest fully decentralized protocol with a very advanced DeFi Swap interface. Their main goal is to create a more user friendly UI and matching engine for decentralized trading on the Ethereum blockchain. You might be thinking that this is just another UniSwap clone but the concept behind it is completely different!

The platform’s token – XSTAR will be for sale starting tomorrow 9/9/20 13:00 UTC. Everyone who buys XSTAR tokens will become a token holder. StarCurve, unline UniSwap and other decentralized exchanges, will have trading fees (0.25% per trade). Those fees will then be distributed in form of dividends to all XSTAR token holders! Just imagine how much you could earn if StarCurve becomes as big as UniSwap or even bigger.

Main Features of StarCurve:

  • Fee Distribution

90% of the fees will be distributed to token holders, 10% will be used for platform upkeep. 90% of the tokens will be sold. Unsold tokens will be added to the liquidity pool.

  • Liquidity aggregation

The biggest challenge running a trading platform or exchange is maintaining liquidity. StarCurve will function as a DEX aggregator that pools liquidity from multiple DEXes. This will make it possible to use StarCurve as an interface for multiple decentralized exchanges.

  • Advance but friendly UI

We will be releasing a more user friendly user interface to bring DeFi to mainstream. Trading on StarCurve will feel like you are using a centralized exchange UI while trading fully decentralized.


Let’s take a look at the tokenomics of XSTAR:

  • Token Name: XSTAR
  • Max Supply: 10 000 000 XSTAR
  • Public Sale: 70% of the max supply
  • Team Tokens: 300 000 XSTAR
  • Price: $0.025- $4 for 1 XSTAR Token

The max supply of XSTAR is only 10Mln and 70% of those will be sold during their IDO. This combined with the great and easy to use decentralized exchange might attract tons of users and investors in no time. But before we jump to conclusions, let’s see the allocation of the other 30% of the XSTAR Tokens:

  • 20% – will be reserved for the pre-sale to institutional investors
  • 2% – will be reserved as advisory token for 3 months
  • 3% – will be reserved as team tokens for 6 months
  • 5% – will be reserved for liquidity purposes

How to participate in the XSTAR token sale?

To participate in the XSTAR token sale you will need to have USDC tokens. Those are stablecoins on the Ethereum blockchain that are pegged to the US Dollar. (1USDC=1USD) You can purchase USDC coins on multiple exchanges – click here for a list.

Furthermore you will need an Ethereum wallet like Metamask. After you have that all set you can head over to and connect your Metamask account with StarCurve:

If you have successfully connected your wallet you will see the following message in the bottom right corner of your screen:

Now that your wallet is connected with StarCurve, the next step would be to enable USDC. In order to do that just press the button on the left side:

That’s it now you are all set to deposit USDC to StarCurve’s smart contract and buy some XSTAR tokens! Remember that the minimum order is 2500 USDC, all order lower than that amount will not get matched and fail.
You can find further details about the token sale here:



StarCurve offers a very user friendly UI and lucrative rewards for their token’s holders via trading fees. The smart tokenomics combined with the smoothly developed decentralized exchange platform will certainly attract many users and investors. We certainly can’t wait to get some XSTAR tokens tomorrow and will keep you posted for sure. Thanks for checking out our article and remember to always do your own research before investing anywhere.

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