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Swash – The Perfect Passive Crypto Companion for Brave

By CryptoBytes_ | CryptoBytes | 27 Feb 2021

When the passive BAT earnings from Brave just aren’t enough, double up with Swash. Swash is a browser extension that awards you DATA tokens for browsing.

Here’s the catch: Swash sells your browsing data. As you browse, Swash will track what websites you visit and will sell the data to advertisers. No sensitive data is collected and according to their website “none of the data [Swash] collect[s] can be used to personally identify or target you.” Swash also allows users to blacklist certain websites from data collection for extra safety.

Between the lines: Like any browser extension that acts like a cookie, there is always inherent risk. But, with the opportunity for free DATA tokens, the risk might be worth it to some.

Check it out for yourself:

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