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Correcting the COVID Record, Part II - The Unnecessary Panic

5 Mar 2023 4 minute read 2 comments LateToTheParty

Co-published on Odysee,, and Zirkels. In Part I, I looked into the masking data from the Cochrane Library. It turned out that using surgical masks did not improve health outcomes from respiratory viruses, including COVID. And while N-95 mas...

Swash DAO now live!

16 Feb 2023 4 minute read 0 comments Swash

Have your say in the future of Swash. Welcome to the Swash DAO! With the DAO Ignition campaign having come to an end, we’re excited to announce that the long awaited Swash DAO is now live! As outlined in our previous blog, everyone who pa...

1 Year Post-IDO: The Full Recap

15 Nov 2022 7 minute read 0 comments Swash

1 Year Post-IDO: The Full Recap It’s been a wild year since the Swash IDO in October 2021, with major product releases, revolutionary new features, masses of community initiatives, hot new partnerships, team expansion, and more! Keep r...

A Guide to Protecting Your Personal Information on the WEB 3.0

11 Nov 2022 5 minute read 0 comments DBuzz

A Guide to Protecting Your Personal Information on Web 3.0 The world is slowly but surely moving toward a digital future. With the rise of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and the internet of things, interacting with technology has become...

Lunarcrush - crypto social metrics platform

8 Sep 2022 1 minute read 0 comments 0xWizzrd

LunarCRUSH is build on Zilliqa blockchain cryptocurrency social metrics platform which combines it with more traditional financial metrics gives you amazing overview of technicial & sentiment assets analysis.This number 1 Crypto social app in my opin...

Learn about Hopr & earn $3 HOPR - Coinbase Earn

12 Aug 2022 1 minute read 2 comments wantumeni

Hopr $HOPR learn and earn campaign is live since August 2022. What is Hopr? HOPR is a blockchain-based protocol aiming to solve data and privacy issues on a global scale. With an official initial coin offering in 2021, HOPR sets out to completely de...

Our Collective Ongoing Allergy to Available Data

11 Aug 2022 4 minute read 0 comments WinterYetiMonkey

I was sitting in a meeting today, and the topic for today's article suddenly hit me like 2x4 in the forehead. We, as people, are collectively allergic to using data. As I listened to the meeting, I literally watched a familiar, repeat script play out...

ISO 20022: What is it? What impact does it have?

7 Aug 2022 2 minute read 0 comments hu5a1n

  What is ISO?  ISO stands for International Organisation for Standardisation. They are a non-governmental organisation that comprise of standard setting bodies from 167 countries, each body representing one country. They collaborate across various f...

Your data and your privacy

9 Jun 2022 2 minute read 14 comments Duvinca

Much has been said and is being talked about personal data and the privacy we have on the Internet, on websites, social networks, and other platforms. Our data is floating around, traversing forms and KYC processes, profiles and other contact sites....

Publish0x's Growth and Usage Appears to be Declining

19 May 2022 6 minute read 5 comments Cje95

A couple of weeks ago when I went to do my monthly claim of tips I noticed that what I had earned was considerably lower than what it typically is. Confused I went back over my posts and realized that while my follower count has been increasing the v...