Tutorial: Exchange $BANANO to $NANO with Kuyumcu

Tutorial: Exchange $BANANO to $NANO with Kuyumcu

By andrercules | cryptobullet | 14 Jun 2020

Banano is one of the most amazing meme coins nowadays with the best community i've ever seen in all the social networks, that they have!

Even tough this coin is amazing and you can learn a lot about cryptocurrency world, sometimes we need to exchange our coins to improve another coin that we have more and that's normal, banano is amazing and you can hodl a bit in your Kalium (that's what I do) but you can now exchange to NANO either!

As this interview made by the daily peel (banano community), a developer created a way to exchange our Banano to Nano 😱! The platform is Kuyumcu !

Kuyumcu means in turkey “Jeweler” as what said at the interview in the daily peel Yusuf the developer creator of this platform said, this would be a kind of decentralized exchange for Banano! Awesome!

Sell $BAN to $NANO

What really got my attention is the easily way to exchange bananos, let's go to Kuyumcu:

pretty simple homepage

It's a pretty simple web page directly in the point and pallet colors is pretty cool to remind me that's so banano being!

In the platform we can buy Banano or sell Banano!

In this article i'll be focusing in sell Bananos to $NANO:

1. NANO Address


So that's pretty simple, you'll need a Nano Address, if you don't have any Nano address yet, you can get your own NANO address in the Atomic Wallet, and if you don't have Atomic Wallet, it's an amazing wallet that you can HODL a lot of coins, and you can get its AIRDROP of AWC(the atomic wallet's coin), if you transfer 10$ to them, so get it your atomic wallet here if you don't have, but if you already owns a Nano address so let's follow the flow!

2. Send Bananos to exchange

Now when you get your Nano address and clicked in Sell(the blue button) you go the following page:


Nice! Now what's happening: you'll need to send from your Kalium or from the vault, the place you have all your banano coins that we love and need to send to the banano address that the Kuyumcu give above in the print(that i censored), just don't forget: currently platform just accept above 50 $BAN value to exchange to NANO, after you do the next step don't forget also, will need to remains this tab open with this banano address, you'll need to come back later!

Now, to send your banano to its account for example in the vault banano:


Then you choose your "from account" you own account and "to account" will be the account that came from kuyumcu and send banano to its address!

3. Finish: submit selling $BAN

Nice, you'll come back to the Kuyumcu and will need submit your selling to the account that you send yours $bans:


In the first time i didn't know that i needed to submit (dumb boy!) the sell! And when you submit will show you:

uhu sold!


Our $BANS was sold! And transferred to your wallet that you put in the beginning of this tutorial! In my case was in my Atomic Wallet, so you'll need to wait a bit(it's fast) to the platform transfer this in NANO to you, in your NANO wallet!


Pretty amazing and simple isn't it?! 


Guys that's it, I just showed the bought! You can buy $BAN in the platform, and that's pretty amazing if you want some cheap coin to be starting to play around in this crypto world, but don't forget you have the banano faucets too in its website: https://banano.cc/

And there is a NANO faucet too!

And it's pretty quicky, this platform is really cool a new way to exchange our  beloved bananos to NANO and simple!


Thanks for reading and let's HODL,

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Thank you! 💖


front end developer, and follow me on twt: https://twitter.com/andrecrjr


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