2021 Strategies for BetFury - Generate BFG Tokens - Get Daily Bitcoin

By CryptoBlonde | CryptoBlonde | 4 Jan 2021

2020 brought me one of the best dAPP sites I tried and is still giving me enough satoshi that are worth spending my time on the platform. For you who are following me, know that I am earning passive income just by holding BETFURY TOKENS.


NOT register yet to BETFURY ? It's not late for joining and start earning a passive income without any investment like i did.


Check the previous Betfury posts and see for yourself my $$$ gaining evolution in this platform.

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#1st - 2021 BetFury Strategy 

Now that i have confidence in the system and have adjust my strategies, i want to share with everyone the best 2021 strategies for using the dice game on BetFury. Watch the video here and check my today strategy to earn 1000 satoshi every 20 minutes and therefore generate more BFG tokens increasing my daily passive income. See the video but don't forget to read the post till the contains valuable information that you should know.

WHAT Is BetFury?

BETFURY is a strategy gaming website that allows you to earn bitcoins up to 720 Daily Satoshi without doing any hard work....only resolve the captcha every 20 minutes and then invest those satoshi to increase profits by playing games. ADVICE FOR NOVICES: Just claim the free boxes every 20 minutes, with just this small task you can win up to 720 free daily satoshi, as simple as that. After accumulating the free coins, to accumulate even more, just buy the different boxes and choose the desired interest rate. Then just withdraw to your wallet. 


How do BetFury works?
  1. Join HERE.
  2. Start by collecting the free box every 20 minutes.
  3. Don't spend immediately your satoshi in house games.....wait...calm down....HOLD and GATHER some's my advice.
  4. Redeem your Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency to any of your wallet address or earn more by staking BFG Tokens


If you'd like to support my work, just register with the following affiliate links and start earning free daily passive income. I appreciate a lot, thank you. If you need any help or betfury tips don't hesitate to ask, together as one we go further ! HAPPY CHRISTMAS !!!


Earn passive daily income without any investment. Earn up to 2160 free daily satoshi (rank 2) with free BOX BTC at BETFURY 



In order to increase your passive income you can play the several games available and by wagering your income, you're increasing your BETFURY TOKENS. By doing that you earn up to 350% APY dividends distributed daily. With 100k tokens, you get everyday an estimated profit of 0.00045056 BTC, 4,42 TRX, 0.026 USDT and 28 BTT, that's roughly a daily 15 $ of passive income.

As you can see below, my today payment, just for staking the betfury tokens was 0.00015786, that's a 5$ daily payment that's a 60$ passive income by doing the interest boxes that i have and that will give me more, again, passive income !!! 


It's easy to make profit on BETFURY — just play and multiply BFG tokens!


My goal, is to hit the 100k tokens, and then, get everyday an estimated profit of 0.00045056 BTC that's roughly a daily 14 $ of passive income,

OVER 0.0135 BTC = 430$ / month = 5200$ / year !!!    WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ???


BETFURY have been around since 2019, they have a great community, a good support and have a excellent Dapp rank.



Disclaimer: The data on this post is for your information only. It does not constitute investment advice. All betting in any forms involves risk. Be aware and accept this risk before betting. Never bet with money you cannot afford to lose. No "safe" betting system has ever been devised and no one can guarantee profits or freedom from loss. Past performances do not guarantee success in the future. There are no dead certainties when it come to betting so only risk money that you can comfortable afford to lose. In gambling, there's one certainty --- The house always comes out the winner in the end.

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