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The Six Dragons (TSD) is an upcoming open world Role Playing Game (RPG). The game was previously available on Steam as a Beta, then earlier this year the decision was made to integrate this exciting game with Blockchain technology. The game started development in 2015. Using the Enjin platform and Multiverse, players will be able to explore the absolutely huge 64km2 world and utilise the Blockchain tech for items/crafting and many other aspects. TSD will have over 1 Billion (yes Billion!) dungeons, and all the items rewarded through looting these will be on the Blockchain. This makes The Six Dragons the first open world RPG on the Blockchain!


So, why am I excited for The Six Dragons?

Well, TSD is a game that is being developed by a gaming studio, who are then implementing Blockchain into an already developed game framework. This is key in my opinion, to any Blockchain games long term success (not essential, and I’m sure some other games will prove me wrong). But, having a studio who have developed games and know the struggles/challenges that will be needed to achieve success in the future, and then use the best aspects of Blockchain for gaming, I think that this is great & exciting. The game had a Microsoft contract for a scheduled Xbox release some months ago (Postponed for now due to the Blockchain integration), this is a rare case in the Blockchain gaming world.


Why Enjin?

I haven’t looked at many games on the Enjin platform, so this review has been a great learning curve for me. The Six Dragons will utilise the ERC-1155 token standard for their items. This is a requirement to be backed by Enjin (ENJ) coins. This method allows developers to mint blockchain assets that have a store of value inside them. The gamers themselves and the asset owners can then melt those items and get the ENJ value if they so desire. The ENJ value returns to the Enjin Wallet, or they can be traded in decentralized marketplaces. This video from GDC 2019 shows why an RPG like The Six Dragons is perfect for development on a Blockchain such as Enjin:

This also shows off the tremendous talent and skill of the developers. They managed to integrate the blockchain element into TSD in under 2 days! Very very impressive!! With true item ownership and a decentralised economy!

OpenSea Partnership

This article is being sponsored/supported by a collaboration between The Six Dragons & OpenSea.ioOpenSea is the world’s largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles has recently launched digital collectibles using the ERC-1155 standard that Enjin will be using. ERC-1155 is a new standard for representing virtual items on the Ethereum blockchain that allows the creation of multiple types of tokens in the same contract. It is particularly useful for items used in games. The Six Dragons ERC-1155 items are amongst the first Enjin items to be sold via the OpenSea marketplace!! Big news!!!


The Six Dragons and OpenSea are also selling limited edition items with OpenSea livery. Stay tuned as The Six Dragons will be auctioning off special items on OpenSea in the near future. Above is the Charm of the OpenSea. This is described on the Enjin Site as: Found by fishermen just off the coast of Nemberus’ Open Sea, a shipwreck yielded a massive haul of artifacts, with gold, statues and a well-preserved piece of jewelry. According to the legend, an old blacksmith once nailed this item as a talisman to ward off the dragons and protect the noblest warriors of the Council. The Six Dragons & Open Sea have joined hands to further support the blockchain-based gaming movement. This unique item symbolizes our partnership and will bring luck in our future endeavors.

To promote this collaboration OpenSea are giving away 30 of the Charm of OpenSea The Six Dragons NFTs. Check out this tweet to participate.



Previous Early Adopters Sale/PreSale for The Six Dragons

The PreSale for The Six Dragons took place in Mid-May 2019. This was a hugely successful sale for the team. This article by egamers.io chronicled the sale and the game itself really well. https://egamers.io/the-six-dragons-raises-over-90000-in-less-than-a-day/

The key message is obviously the great figures that were raised, $90,000 in less than 24 hours. The entire pre-sale sold out in less than 2 weeks with a total of $172,000 raised. The top contributor to the sale (heaviest investor) spent more than $25,000 and now owns the ultimate weapon in the game, the Dragon Sword!


I intend to do a more thorough breakdown of The Six Dragons is a future article. As the scope and breadth of the game is truly staggering and very exciting! This leads me well into the Alpha waves part of the game. This is where, presale contributors and early supporters will have the opportunity to play the game in an Alpha version and help the team! I’m hopeful to be a part of this too, which should then allow me to write a more detailed review of the game (it is hard to write a review when I haven’t actually played the game!).


This recent article by The Six Dragons Team has all the details for the Alpha Waves, early access!


This article is the latest information from the team regarding the exciting crafting/enchanting/levelling of the items (on the Blockchain):


As always, I’m honest about my reviews. OpenSea approached me to write this review and I was happy to oblige. The Six Dragons/OpenSea teams have sent me a Multiverse Founder’s Token & one of the Charms of Open Sea as NFT payment.

Please check out The Six Dragons across their Social Media platforms. The links are:

Website: https://thesixdragons.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thesixdragons

Telegram: http://t.me/thesixdragons

Discord: https://discord.gg/4xzVHbM

I am @CryptoBlockDan on all Social Platforms, please follow me for all my content about Blockchain Gaming.

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