Giveaway 50000 VID - VideoCoin Platform Sharing Economic

Giveaway 50000 VID - VideoCoin Platform Sharing Economic

By angins | cryptoblock | 3 Sep 2019

Revolutionizing the massive video services market and I want you to be part of it!

VideoCoin is developing a decentralized network that provides a cloud video infrastructure with video encoding, storage, and content distribution. Blockchain as a term has taken on a lot of tangents and angles which has caused some people to be unsure on what it really means! Most just see it as a buzzword, and that is somehow attached to some kinda math and decentralized economy etc.

So more clarity to the public is definitely needed on that one. Where the blockchain is of interest to me, particularly, is on looking for ways to secure content and to protect it from being pirated. With the ledger and technology you can track who is watching what and when, so you can protect it better. This will empower creators and producers with the ability to find better ways (with more economic efficacy) to distribute and deliver content.

With the Internet of Things on the horizon, the number of household devices and appliances that will communicate with the internet will drastically increase, some of them may need to consume video on some format. So, having the ability to transfer video format to these devices will be essential.

Next Generation Video Infrastructure

The VideoCoin Network is an API first video infrastructure built for video engineers to create next generation video streaming applications. Get started and livestream content in minutes.

Livestream In Minutes

Use our API or our publisher studio to begin livestreaming and running from any RTMP source in minutes.

Distribute On-Demand Video

Easily encode, transcode, and distribute on-demand video content over the VideoCoin Network to your applications and users.

  • For Developers. Start building next-generation apps on VideoCoin’s next-generation infrastructure.
  • For Workers. Get started earning VID by enlisting your PC or servers to work on the VideoCoin Network.
  • For Miners. Turn your unused compute power into dollars (Coming Soon)
  • For Data Centres. Activate your wasted potential. Stop wasting your resources in unutilized servers and offset your CapEx by turning your idle data centers into VideoCoin Miners.

Token Pools

  • Tokens Sold in Presale: 105.83 Million
    (Presale was limited to qualified accredited investors within the United States, and qualified investors outside the United States)
  • Lifetime Token Supply: 265 Million
  • VideoCoin is currently available as an ERC20 token. 

Join Free Giveaway 50000 VID (VideoCoin)

VID Traded On Exchanges: KuCoin Exchange

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