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The Highest Paying Faucet and You Don't Know About it

By cryptobigg | cryptobigg | 25 Mar 2020

In 2010, except BTC mining, one of the original ways to receive Bitcoin was through "the Bitcoin Faucet".

You could click once and receive 5 Bitcoin!

The Bitcoin Faucet has closed long ago but in the spirit of spreading cryptocurrency, there is a Cryptocurrency Faucet where you can claim/send different cryptocurrencies, and it's CryptoFaucet!





CryptoFaucet is the highest paying faucet I know, and I know many of them ! You can claim every 4 hours and get big rewards.

For exemple, most of the time you can get 1 or 3 Doge per claim !!!!

Same thing with Litecoin, Steem, Tron, Siacoin and many other coins  (The claim amount is superior here.. )

Create an account, claim some coins, and begin sending/receiving cryptocurrencies today!

Minimum withdrawal is very low, only 3 dogecoin. No fee when you withdraw 200 Dogecoin or more.


Plus you can educate yourself through crypto guides and earn in different ways by watching videos, doing surveys etc..

Invite friends and get 50% referral earnings!  ;)


The site is so legit I don't even want to talk about it here, but if you need to i'll show you some proofs of payment.


Enjoy guys!

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